Cristalele urinare si pietrele la vezica urinara la pisici: Formarea, diete și tratamente la vezica urinara la pisici: Cum pot incuraja pisica mea să bea. Cristalele urinare si pietrele la vezica urinara la pisici: Formarea, diete și tratamente la vezica urinara la pisici: Cum pot incuraja pisica mea să bea.

Cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici

Some cats develop microscopic crystals in their urine. These may or may not be associated with a urinary tract infection. These crystals, which are like very fine sand, irritate the bladder. In male cats, the crystals may plug the urethra the tube that carries urine from the bladder, through the penis, to the outside of the body. This is a life-threatening cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici, since the cat would be unable to urinate.

In some cats, larger stones can develop. These are called urinary calculi and the condition is referred to as urolithiasis. Stones may actually form anywhere in the entire urinary tract. The urinary stones in cats can be found in the kidneys, ureters tiny tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladderbladder, or urethra the tube from the bladder to the outside of the animal.

They can also obstruct the outflow cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici urine. Signs and diagnosis of bladder stones in cats. If your cat is straining to urinate and produces little urine or no urine at all, it is considered an extreme emergency. Cats with bladder stones may have blood in their urine and may urinate frequently, passing only small quantities of urine each time. Often, they will strain while urinating, holding their body in the urinating posture for much cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici than normal.

They may lick their genital area more than usual. Some cats with article source stones may show no signs at all, and the stones are discovered while palpating the abdomen during a routine physical exam.

If the stones cannot be cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici through palpation, the diagnosis of bladder stones in cats is made or confirmed with abdominal x-rays or ultrasound. Most stones are radiopaque, meaning they show up on the radiographic film as obvious cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici circles or shapes just as bones cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici. A few are radiolucent, where the x-ray beams pass right through and therefore, they do not show up on the finished film.

To confirm the presence of these types of stones, a special dye is passed into the bladder and it outlines cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici stones in the x-ray. With this method, we see a white area the dye in the bladder with a black hole in the center the stone. How bladder stones are formed Bladder stones are formed by minerals, which first read article cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici in the urine as individual microscopic crystals.

Over time, these crystals unite and small grains of sand-like material may be formed. The effect of diet on urinary stone and treatment It appears that diet may increase the risk of a cat developing urinary crystals, stones, and urethral plugs. The development of crystals and stones is mostly dependent upon the:.

Concentration of minerals in the urine. Whether a cat is allowed to eat throughout the day free choice or ad libitum feeding or has specific mealtimes may influence lower urinary tract health. Genetics also appears to play a role. Three common and stones in cats are struviteoxalate, and urate.

Struvite Crystals and Stones Formation. Struvite crystals are made up of magnesium, ammonium, and phosphate. The crystals and stones are more likely to develop in alkaline urine. The main dietary factors which appear to affect the development of struvite crystals are urine ph and water cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici. In the past, crystals and click the following article made of struvite were more common in cats.

As a result, diets were developed to minimize the risk of forming struvite. These diets were low in magnesium and cats eating them produced an acidic low pH urine.

As more cats were fed these diets, both for treatment and prevention of struvite, the percentage of cats with struvite stones decreased, but the incidence of calcium oxalate crystals and stones increased. Struvite is still, by far, the most common component of urethral plugs. Treatment and Prevention The treatment of struvite stones may include surgical cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici, urohyropropulsion both described in more detail at the end of the heredietary changes, or a combination of techniques.

Surgery: If there are urethral plugs or any other type of urinary obstruction, we cannot wait for special diets to dissolve the stones, but must cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici surgically remove the stones or use urohydropropulsion detailed below to eliminate the stones.

Cats who are on diets designed to acidify the urine should NOT be given additional urinary acidifiers. Diet Modifications: When struvite is a problem, special diets are available to make the urine more dilute and more acidic. Too much acidification of the urine can result in serious health problems, so urinary acidifiers should never be used in conjunction with diets that are formulated to produce an acidic urine. Since the safety of these products for kittens and pregnant or nursing queens has not been established, it is recommended that these products not be used for these life stages.

All of these diets have a balanced level of the minerals that make up the crystals such as magnesium and phosphorous. In addition to being formulated to produce an acid urine, they are also formulated to produce more dilute urine, so crystals are less likely to form.

The diets are available through your veterinarian. Prior to the development of specialized diets, urinary acidifiers such as vitamin C or dl-methionine were sometimes used to lower the pH of the urine in cases of struvite stones, for example. Specialty diets are now preferred since they alter not only the pH, but the concentration of stone-forming constituents. Remember: Do NOT give urinary acidifiers when you are using one of the specialty diets that also acidify urine.

Feeding methods: It is recommended that конца un medicament la pisici pentru viermi глупо who are at risk for developing struvite crystals or stones should be fed ad libitum.

After eating a large meal, the pH of click the following article urine usually becomes more alkaline. By eating small meals throughout the day, the urine pH will stay more acidic. Increased Water Consumption: An important influence on the development of urinary crystals and stones is the consumption of water. As more water is consumed, the urine is less concentrated, and crystals are less likely to form.

Also, since there is more urine, the cat will urinate more frequently, and the urine will be present in the bladder for a shorter period of time. This also decreases the chance of crystal cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici stone formation.

Provide fresh, clean water at all times, and preferably in several areas around the house. For some animals with a history of urinary tract infections or crystals, a canned diet is recommended. Canned diets contain larger amounts of water and may help dilute the urine and make crystals less likely to form.

The Formation, Treatment, and Diet Modifications for Urinary Stones and Crystals in Cats. Oxalate Crystals and Stones Formation Oxalate crystals and stones are more likely cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici occur in acidic urine and if the cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici has high calcium levels in the blood. This could be caused by excessive intake of calcium, protein, sodium, or vitamin D. Some metabolic disorders such as hyperparathyroidism, some cancers, and Cushings disease may also contribute to the development of oxalate stones.

Unfortunately, oxalate stones often occur in cats with normal blood calcium levels, as well. Treatment and Prevention Surgery: Surgical removal or hydropropulsion described in more detail below are the only available treatment for oxalate stones. There are no diets that will dissolve them. Diet Modification: Special diets are available that decrease the probability of oxalate crystals and stones forming in the urine. Urinary acidifiers should not be used with these diets since the goal is to make the urine more alkaline.

Increased Water Consumption: As with struvite, another goal of therapy is to produce dilute urine, so any method to increase water consumption should be used. Again, canned diets may be recommended. Urate Crystals and Stones Formation Urate stones are more common in certain breeds of dogs, such as Dalmations, although they have been diagnosed in cats.

They are more likely to occur in acidic urine. They can also be seen with some liver disorders and metabolic diseases. Treatment and Prevention Surgery: If there are urethral plugs or any other type of urinary obstruction, we cannot wait for special diets to dissolve the stones, but must quickly remove the stones by surgery or urohydropropulsion see description later in article.

Diet Modification: There are no specific diets for urate stones in cats, however diets lower in protein are often recommended. Urinary acidifiers should also not be used cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici these diets since the goal is to make the urine more alkaline.

Increased Water Consumption: Again, increase water consumption as much as possible and use canned diets as recommended. Other treatment techniques Surgery The surgical removal of stones within the bladder is referred to as a cystotomy, meaning an opening of the bladder.

With the cat under anesthesia and lying on his back, an incision is made through the abdominal wall in front of the pelvis. The bladder is exposed and lifted out through cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici incision. Urine is collected for culture and analysis. The bladder is then opened and the stones are removed. The bladder and urethra are flushed with sterile saline exista viermi intestinali umani ai câinelui to wash out any small or microscopic particles.

The bladder is then closed with sutures as is the abdominal wall. The patient is placed on antibiotics and usually sent home the following day. The bladder stones are sent to a laboratory for analysis to determine their chemical make-up and the remainder of the therapy will vary depending on the results.

Urohydropropulsion To perform urohydropropulsion, the cat is anesthetized and a urinary catheter is placed. Through the catheter, the bladder is filled with sterile saline.

The cat is then held in an upright position and, by hand, the veterinarian compresses the bladder, forcing the solution back out, and with it, the stones. Urohydropropulsion is used when the stones are very small and are sure to pass through the urethra. Emergencies In situations where a stone has lodged in the ureters or urethra, the condition is a life or death matter that must be resolved immediately. Urinary obstructions lead to kidney shut down and death. If there are stones or crystals caught in the urethra, which is especially common in male cats, the veterinarian would first Peled au viermi pain medication and intravenous fluids.

The cat is anesthetized cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici the veterinarian will try to back-flush the plug or obstruction into the bladder before it is opened. If this cannot be done, a very small endoscope may be used to try to remove the obstruction. In the rare case where stones are lodged in a ureter, an incision would have to be made at the site.

This is extremely delicate surgery since the ureters is such a find tube-like structure. Some work is being done using ultrasonic waves to destroy stones in these situations, but it is not readily available for all practices.

Cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici technique is common in human medicine and may eliminate surgery. Summary Urinary stones and crystals can cause severe disease in cats.

It is important to work closely with your veterinarian in the diagnosis, treatment and Metoda de acasă de viermi of urinary crystals and stones. Cystitis and Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease FLUTD, FUS in Cats. Unele pisici dezvolta cristale microscopice in urina lor.

Aceste cristale, care sunt ca nisipul foarte fin, irita vezica urinara. Semne si diagnostic de pietre vezicii urinare la pisici. Cele mai multe pietre sunt radioopac, ceea ce ca apar pe film radiografic ca cercuri albe evidente sau forme la fel ca oasele. Genetica pare, de asemenea, sa joace un rol. Ca rezultat, diete au fost dezvoltate pentru a reduce la minim riscul de formare struvit.

Dietele sunt disponibile cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici intermediul medicului veterinar. Pentru unele animale cu un istoric de infectii ale tractului urinar sau cristale, este recomandat un regim alimentar conserve. Acest lucru ar putea fi cauzat cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici consumul excesiv de calciu, proteine, sodiu, sau vitamina D. Unele tulburari metabolice cum ar fi hiperparatiroidism, unele tipuri de cancer, si boala Cushing poate contribui, de asemenea, la dezvoltarea de pietre de oxalat.

Cum să determine creșterea viermilor pisici exista diete care le va dizolva. Rezumat Pietrele la rinichi si cristale pot provoca boli grave la pisici. Cum sa alcatuiti o gradina pentru pisici. Monthly Monitor Early Illness Detection Program. Clumping Cat Litter with Health Alert.

Merisor more info capsule si pulbere. Five Natural Remedies for Pets That Relieve Cat Ur. Urinary Tract Problems in Cats. How Effective Are Staphysagris and Cantharis For C. Litiaza vezicii urinare la pisica. Produse americane care acidifiaza urina pisicilor. Link-uri legate de acidifiera urinei la pisici. Cristalele urinare si pietrele la vezica urinara l. Merisorul, indicat pentru acidifierea urinei la pi.

Mancare naturala pentru pisici - Retete. Adevarul despre mancarea uscata. Lista mea de bloguri. The Happy Cat Blog For All the Latest Cat News.

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Feline urolithiasis: Etiology and pathogenesis. Print articolul Email articolul.

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Gariaev PP, Chudin VI, Komissarov GG, Berezin AA, Vasiliev AA. Sunderland, Mass: Sinauer Associates. Green EG, Parks PA, Guyer PM, Fahrion SL, Coyne L. Anomalous Electrosta c Phenomena in Excep onal Subjects.

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