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Capsa Hoinarului - cafenea. RoNews Feed Learn more here. CEDO condamna Romania in Dosarul Revolutiei. ARDOR - Dezbateri, Oratorie si Retorica. Dezrobire cu circuit inchis in Parlamentul Romaniei;Ciolos isi pregateste revenirea in politica.

Capsa Hoinarului - Arhive. Cauta mesaje in arhiva. Tony Tomas ::: As vrea Corabia nebunilor. The Montreal Gazette reports that the suspect dressed up as the Grim Reaper for Halloween, according to his Facebook page, which has now been taken offline. On the social network, he also reportedly "liked" US President Donald Trump and French National Front leader Marine Le Pen. Iraqi forces showed journalists a tank of the chemical agent and a warehouse of more than a dozen surface-to-surface rockets bearing Russian inscriptions.

The number of casualties due to ISIS chemical weapons is Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi small fraction compared to the hundreds of civilians killed in car and suicide bombings carried out by the group. The types of rockets found at the site suggest the Islamic State group was attempting to weaponize the chemical agent, Fadhil said.

He added that he believed the facility was being used up until just one or two weeks ago. Tensiunea arteriala produsa de Doomsday clock.

Cum se poate reduce tensiunea arteriala. Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin must unite to spearhead a new resolution banning nuclear war, Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Soviet Union, has urged. Commentators and TV personalities are joining the bellicose chorus. It all looks as if the world is preparing for war," Gorbachev stated in an opinion piece in Time magazine on Click. He added that the most pressing challenge we face today is reversing the "militarization of politics.

Gorbachev criticized governments for their disproportionate allocation of funds away from state essentials and towards weapons, saying:. Money is easily found for sophisticated weapons whose destructive power is comparable to that of the weapons of mass destruction. He called on members of the UN Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Council to take the lead on re-establishing a resolution stating that nuclear war is "unacceptable and must never be fought," and said that Putin and Trump should be the first leaders to embrace this.

A similar agreement was established between the U. Mai, ce-ti umbla elicea! If you were a Muslim you could come in, but if you were a Christian, it was almost impossible and the reason that was so unfair, everybody was persecuted in all fairness, but they were chopping off the heads of everybody but more so the Christians. The United States does not continue reading any sort Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi ban or restrictions on accepting Christian refugees.

President Trump added: "I thought it was very, very unfair. So we are going to help them. Avem un parlament Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. La Urgente, medicul dicteaza asistentei:. Se intalnesc doi tigani:.

Opt cercei cu dansul are. Nici bagaje, nici nimic. Zice: -"Merde, cam mare graba. La Multzi Ani, Cuculoazo! Cel mai iubit fiu al Boborului: Cuculoaza! And while China has repeatedly said it does not want the traditional U.

Was it a current or an explosion? The Ministry for Transport said that the version of the terrorist act was not among the priorities. FSB officials rejected the version too. VERSIONS OF THE DISASTER. The basic versions of the crash are the following: a pilot error, a technical malfunction, or improper alignment of cargo on board the plane. He had made a number of flights to Hmeymim air base in Syria. The plane was designed to withstand airborne loads that dramatically exceed common flight loads.

The aircraft has a three-time margin of safety of all systems. Many experts note that the nature of the fragments and their dispersal over long distances say speak of an explosion on board. For example, the rack chassis was found in the water.

This part of the plane retracts immediately after take-off and remains in the gondola during the flight. Was there something in the gondola that caused the landing gear of the aircraft to separate? Strangely enough, the plane belonged to the Russian Defence Ministry, and the passengers of the aircraft were not this web page passengers.

They were actually well-known Institutul de viermi in Russia. Who could plant a bomb in the plane? Was it like in Sharm el-Sheikh? The Chkalovsky airfield in the Moscow region is known as a well-protected military facility, where it is impossible to take a bomb Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi board a plane.

The airport in Sochi is an Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi of dual use, where the level of protection is higher than at other conventional airports. Here is an opinion from pilot-instructor Andrei Krasnoperov. If this was a terrorist attack, it comes well into line with the killing of Russian Ambassador to Turkey.

Disabled transponders and communication systems can be explained as follows. French reconnaissance ship Dupuy de Lome had entered the Black Sea on the eve of the tragedy.

The ship can send strong impulse to deactivate all electronic equipment on board the aircraft. Israel resorts to this practice against Russian airplanes in Syria. Therefore, the crew had time to warn the passengers, but not the flight control officers.

In this is the case, then this is a NATO war against Russia, rather than an act of terrorism. There is another question: what was the need to send a military ensemble to the war-torn country, where tens of thousands of terrorists and their mentors from NATO still long for vengeance?

Are we complacent about the war in Syria? Have we won and defeated everyone? One could hear it both from the president, who said that Russia was stronger than any aggressorand from the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defence and Security Viktor Ozerov, who said a few hours after the tragedy that the version of a terrorist attack was excluded.

Banii egaleaza putereasau, averea inseamna putere. Nu trebuie luat in serios. Mesaj platit din Rusiada mai jos, si vezi video. Oh, ce bafta or avea pustanii Americii daca TrumpH devine un dictatorash.

Siegfri, uite aici un comentarie, Nu ca-ti cad penele, ci se ridica parulti se face parul Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi pe cap. Mai sifilica, de unde ai tradus tu concluzia ca nu-mi place Trump ca presedinte? Ca nu-i cant osanale?

Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi genul meu sa o fac, dar eu il accept si il respect ca Presedinte, al tuturor Americanilor, asta-i democratic. Pozitia mea este centrista, asa ca ma adaptez la orice guvernare, ori de dreapta ori de stanga, iau ce-i bun de la fiecare, ori de dreapta ori de stanga, ca de centru, nu are de unde orice viermi la pisici și câini apara. Nu-m mofturi, tote le iau asa cum vin, ca toate-s trecatoare.

Stai numai pe aproape, sa vezi cum vor mai evolua evenimentele. Sa vezi ce reactie va avea Presedintele Tramp in raport cu "rassia dossier", "kompromat", intocmit de Chris Steele, in legatura cu vizita lui Tramp in Moscova si St Pitersburg acum cativa ani.

Vad ca Kremlinul incepe sa se vaiete, ca Tramp, ajuns presedinte, nu mai e ce au sperat. E ca un cadou de Craciun, ambalat, dar nu sti ce e inauntru. Putin Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi cautat fraierul dar si-a gasit nanasul. Sau, ac dupa cojoc. Mai discutam, ca asa e la cafeluta, o sa mai discutam. Spre "bucuria" derbedeilor lui George Soros si ai Hillaritzei Clinton:. Poanta n-a tzinut de data asta :. Dupa luna de miere Tramputin, urmeaza divortul? We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and restore its promise for all of our people.

Together, Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi will determine the course of America and the world for many, many years to come. We will face challenges. We will confront hardships. But we will get the job done. Every four years we gather on these steps to carry out the orderly and peaceful transfer of power.

And we are grateful to President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama for their gracious aid throughout this read article. They have been magnificent. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered but the jobs left and the factories closed. The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories. Their triumphs have not been your triumphs.

That all changes starting right here and right now, because this moment is your moment. It belongs to you. It belongs to everyone gathered here today and everyone watching all across America. This is your day. This is your celebration. And this, the United States of America, is your country. What truly matters click here not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people.

The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. Everyone is listening to you now. You came by the tens of millions to become Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi click at this page a historic movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

At the center of this movement is a crucial conviction that a nation exists to serve its citizens. Americans want great schools for their children, safe neighborhoods for their families and Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi jobs for themselves.

These are just and reasonable demands of righteous people and a righteous public. But for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists. Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities, rusted out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation. An education system flush with cash but which leaves our young and beautiful students Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi of all knowledge. And the crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential.

This American carnage stops right here and stops right now. We are one Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, and their pain is our pain. Their dreams are our article source, and their success will be our success. We share one heart, one home and one glorious destiny.

The oath of office I take today is an oath of Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi to source Americans. One by one, the factories shuttered and left our shores with not even a thought about the millions and millions of American workers that were Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi behind.

The wealth of our middle class has been ripped from their homes and then redistributed all across the world. But that is the past, and now we are looking only to the future. We assembled here today are issuing a new decree вчера, de unde știi dacă există viermi în om что be heard in every city, in every foreign capital and in every hall of power. From this read more forward, a new vision will govern our land.

Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit American workers and American families. We must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our product, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs. Protection will lead to great prosperity and strength. I will fight for you with every breath in my body, and I will never ever let you down.

America will start winning again, winning cum nu pentru a obține infectate cu viermi câini never before.

We will bring back our jobs. We will bring back our borders. We will bring back our wealth, and we will bring back our dreams. We will build new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways all across our wonderful nation. We will get our people off of welfare and back to work, rebuilding our country with American hands and American labor.

We will follow two simple rules: Buy American and hire American. We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world, but we do so just click for source the understanding that Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi is the right of all nations to put their own interests first.

We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example. We will shine for everyone to follow. We will re-enforce old alliances and form new ones and unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi face of the earth. At the bedrock of our Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi will be a total allegiance to the United States of America, and through our loyalty to our country we will rediscover our loyalty to each other.

When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity. When America is united, America is totally unstoppable. There should be no fear. We are protected and we will always be protected. We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement. And most importantly, we will be protected by God. Finally, we must think big and dream even bigger.

In America, we understand that a nation is only living as long as it is striving. We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining but never doing anything about it.

The time for empty Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi is over. Now arrives the hour of action. Do not allow anyone to Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi you that it cannot be done.

No challenge can match the heart and fight and spirit of America. We will not fail. Our country will thrive and prosper again. We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow. A new national pride will stir ourselves, Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi our sights and heal our divisions.

We all enjoy the same glorious freedoms and we all salute the same great American flag. And whether a child is born in the urban sprawl of Detroit or the windswept plains of Nebraska, they look up at the same night sky, they fill their heart with the same dreams and they are infused with the breath of life by the same almighty creator. So to all Americans in every city near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, from ocean to ocean, hear these words: You will never be ignored again.

Your voice, your hopes and your dreams will define our American destiny. And viermi sunt periculoase oxiurilor Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi and goodness and love will forever guide us along the way. Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi we will make America strong again, we will make America wealthy again, we will make America proud again, we will make America safe again.

And, yes, together we will make America great again. And God bless America. In God We Trust. Several foreign policy experts who spoke to Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi said that one way Putin will attempt to expand and in some cases regain control in Central and Eastern Europe is by working closely with President Trump, who has repeatedly expressed interest in working with the Russian leader.

Stent Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi the Russian president feels that his country is overlooked by the United States. Former President Barack Obama, who had a famously bad relationship with Putin, Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi month ago characterized Russia as a potentially dangerous but deeply flawed nation: "They are a weaker country.

Words like that sting not just Putin but also regular Russians, many of whom remember their country being a superpower not long ago. At a time when Putin, incidentally, was a KGB agent.

What seemed impossible a year ago, may not be too far-fetched if Trump continues to encourage a stronger relationship — whether it be geopolitical or economic — with Russia. A lot comes back to Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi sanctions. Sa ne traiasca noul presedinte!

Ori cum ar fi, Mr. President Tramp, proverbul zice:. Asa ca, faca-se voia Ta, Doamne. Si nu uita sa-tzi consolezi lezbishoarele si homishtii in California. Mattis, the retired general nominated for defense, went further, putting Russia and its attempts to shatter NATO at the top of his principal-threat list. Both Tillerson and Mattis expressed views that clashed with some statements Trump has made, including about NATO and Russia.

Trump is very impulsive and takes things very personally, so a nice beginning could have a sour conclusion. Idiotule, tu vorbesti de "suji poola la jidani", pai Ivana si copii ei ce sunt, Idiotule? Si jinerile, Kushner ce e? Tu si putinel le sujeti. CucuveaoSTFU ca-mi vine greatza cand itzi vaz schelalaiturile Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi jidanit "soros-it".

Si pulea ala de porc George Soros vrea sa organizeze un MAIDAN ca-n Kiev in Washington. Meri bah-p pitulicea lu soacra-ta. Io-te aici ai o IMAGINE de cum aratzi la Capsa. Si tu ca si astia disperatzii:. It has absolutely no interest in becoming more like us. Its interest is in exporting its rules and norms to us, not vice-versa. Evident ca si despre ele am discutat cu premierul de dimineata, mi-a spus ca discutia avusese loc Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi anumiti colegi din guvern.

El mi-a spus ca nu va fi pusa pe ordinea de zi suplimentara aceste chestiuni. Subliniez si sper sa fiu in asentimentul premierului, s-a angajat ca aceste chestiuni sa nu fie bagate peste noapte in nici o sedinta de guvern". Mie mi-e teama ca dupa ce s-a spus cite-a spus si probabil va mai spune. Ma duc sa ascult shtirile la Radio Baileshti. Donald Trump este si el un cur cu urechi, DAR nu este AL Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi :. Tzara arde si noi babele ne pieptanam.

O priceput si si-a cerut scuze, si-a "fluierat" javrele inapoi. Tot asa o gramada de cacat o sa apara sa ocupe locurile vacante. Tipatescu "s-a impuscat de zor". Cuculoaza-i barbierita si sus si Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, "lucreaza la sit-coms", aia are program de voie. Donald Trump avoids saying who he trusts more — Vladimir Putin or Angela Merkel. Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Donald Trump has avoided saying who he trusts more — German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a longtime US-ally, or Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Despite saying he had "great respect" for the Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi leader, Mr Trump said she had made a "catastrophic mistake" by welcoming an unlimited number of refugees to her country.

The President-elect said he will consider reviewing sanctions against Russia if Mr Putin is prepared to move away from confrontation with the US. He added: "Aleppo was nasty. Russian officials have dismissed the memo as false.

He added, "The Kremlin does not engage in collecting kompromat ,". Din Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi timpului nefavoradil intalnirea Tram-putin nu va avea loc in Islanda. Din cauza timpului nefavoradil intalnirea Tram-putin nuva avea loc in Islanda. But whether or not Russia has such blackmail potential may be beside the point.

Trump and his incoming administration are already doing exactly what Putin wants. Trump has a slate of pro-Russia advisers talking about a more conciliatory approach to Putin, and their statements have echoed Kremlin statements. He was more supportive of NATO than Trump has been.

Other responses were equally unnerving. It was grim to see an incoming American secretary of state avert his gaze from human rights abuses in Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi and across the globe. But apparently it already is. President-elect Donald Trump has suggested that he is open to lifting the recently-imposed sanctions on Russia if Vladimir Putin assists the U. Such a move would anger China, considering it views Taiwan as a Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi province.

China, for example, lodged a formal complaint with the U. Trump did have kind words to say about Chinese leader Xi Jinping, though, just click for source sent the incoming commander in chief a holiday greeting card. Romanul are o vorba, cu ulciorul nu mergi de multe ori dupa apa. Si la hack-uitul asta isi va gasi nasul. De m-or chemat sa aflu ce fac dracii cand Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi nu-i acolo.

Cocoloantzacretina jidovita, like always:. No pai tu ai supt de la mine, asa ca te molipsishi si tu. O simbioza totala intre lungimea de odinioara a postarilor Kronkinesti si tampeniile lui Tulai-Doamne Ombilix.

Bah, Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi te mai trezesti din betzia aia? La propriu si la figurat! Si acum STIRI SERIOASE, nu cacareaza ta judeo-baptista:. Putin sia propus sa renunte la fumat. Alti bani, alta distractie! Several just click for source organizations reported that senior U. Trump responded in a tweet Tuesday evening that did not address any of the specific Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, but denounced the stories.

FAKE NEWS - A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT! The report was prepared over the summer and was provided to U. El umbla deasupra apelor. Teme-te de puterea Cerului! ACESTA ERA IISUS DIN NAZARET. Prigonirea nu este de la mine. Raportul lui Pilat din Pont:. Numele secretarului meu este Naulius.

Bah nu mai stitzi ce sa facetzi ca sa-l sabotatzi pe gura-mare ala de Trump. Catzavencu asta de Donald macar le-a "taiat ritmul" si -mi mai da niste timp sa rasuflu, bagu-mi poola-n US-hegemony. AKA "Pleaca ai nostri. Mi-a ajuns cat cacat mancaratz in Syria, Libya, Ukraina. Si v-atzi fi batut in ROMANIA si RFG, asa-i? US Deep State in Deep Trouble. Este ca si cum ai asculta din nou Europa Libera pe vremea lui Ceausescu . Poate te trezesti din transa si tu intr-o zi.

Mai aproape de vremurile noastre, grecii au prescurtat urarea astfel "spollaiti" sau "spollati". Siegfri, bancul cu Obama e destul de dragutera moment potrivit de prezentare in ajun de revelion, atunci se fac pe la sate tot soil de farse.

Oricum, pentru prostit audienta e un material bun, din seria de "fake news". Kronny, sanatate si sa te vai revad prin cafenea. Probabil ca sa abandonat recuperarea ramasitelor de pe fundul Marii Negre. Daca avionul tot nu a fost avariat prin acte teroriste, la ce le-ar Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi restul de dovezi. Sti cum e, realitatea e jenanta. Hai sa vedem cum se va freca de realitate noul guvern proaspat investit in prag de viscol!

Mai ramine sa vedem cum s-o freca de Putin noul si proaspatul el-Prezidente al Amerikiei si. NU vreau sa mai insinuez despre acte teroriste ca Turcia va preda shtafeta. CRED mda, inca mai cred. NOR Viermi fotografie la pisici POLUARE EXTREMA ASUPRA CHINEI DE NORD.

Angela Merkel pregateshte-te sa le oferi si lor welfare nemtzeasca ca la arabi. Stiri din Uniunea Sovietica Aialalta:. Thus, President Obama officially declares himself the greatest public servant during his own tenure. Defense Secy Carter presents Pres Obama with Dept of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service:.

Chiriashu o trabuit sa elibereze apartamentele. Numai in Istanbul sa nu intram la cfenele, ca iesim pe targa. Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Picolo, dragi comeseni! Pentru americantzi si alte neamuri de origini MAI superioare. Va urez un An Nou mai bun. Interactive software released under GNU GPL. BBC News World Edition. Arhive prafuite Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi mesaje vechi la Capsa Hoinarului.

Romania News::Stiri si actualitate româneasca › Arhive la Capsa Hoinarului Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi

Bun venit la cafeneaua virtuala Capsa Hoinarului! Mai jos gasiti trimiteri la mesaje mai see more publicate aici. Va rugam selectati una din date si veti avea acces la mesajele postate in perioada respectiva.

Intrarea la Capsa Hoinarului este libera. Publicarea mesajelor dumneavoastra: in limita netiquettei si a celor sapte ani de-acasa!. Forma si fondul mesajelor sau articolelor publicate va apartine in exclusivitate. Nu exista moderator pentu acest site. Orice abuz, spam, injurii, atac la persoana, etc. Nu instrainati datele dvs. Pentru eventuale probleme tehnice de acces sau pentru rezervarea unei mese de scris la Capsa, trimiteti va rugam un email la webmaster

Capsa Hoinarului - cafenea. RoNews Feed RSS. CEDO condamna Romania in Dosarul Revolutiei. ARDOR - Dezbateri, Oratorie si Retorica. Transportul a fost asigurat de partid. Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive. Capsa Hoinarului - Arhive. Cauta mesaje in arhiva. Tony Tomas ::: As vrea Corabia nebunilor. Interactive software released under GNU GPL.

BBC News World Edition. Ed Wallace's Inside Automotive. Inapoi la Capsa Hoinarului. Christian right - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Asa-i Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, mancatzi Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi departe cacat, zionistilor. Altfel spus, porci kosher-dreaku Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi mai vazut! Cuculoazotu n-ai Christos, asa ca nu te screme sa ne umpli de Pasca ta jidoveasca.

The book is written by a bitter expat who is Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi in terms of facts. The report merely consists of the daily propaganda produced by Western media networks condensed into a book.

Despite the outrageous title of their article, the Daily Mail was only able to cite a double murder of two British tourists, intentionally Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi out of proportion by Western networks in their bid to paint Thailand as a dangerous, failed state in the wake of the military coup.

The Daily Mail even includes a picture of here on the streets of Bangkok and claims: ''As well as the murder of British backpackers Hannah Witheridge and David Miller in mid-September, there was a bloody military coup in Thailand in May.

In fact, not a single shot was fired, no one was Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, nor even threatened with violence, let alone killed. Coincidentally, the Daily Mail's "hard hitting" reportage appeared temporarily on hiatus during that violence, either apologizing for the murder and mayhem, or pretending it wasn't happening at all.

Russia's Missile Wall in Iran. Underneath this elementary propaganda, lies a more complex truth underpinning a proxy conflict between East and West. Just as had been the case during World War I and II, the strategic position, resources, and population of Iran constitute a necessary prerequisite to first overcome before containing and eventually overrunning the political order in Moscow.

This time around, Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi addition to Moscow, the Western axis also seeks to eventually encircle and overrun Beijing as well. Unlike during the World Wars, vast wars of attrition and mechanized invasions are not a possibility today. Instead, a concerted campaign of proxy wars, covert political subversion, sanctions, and other non-military instruments of power are being employed in what is for all intents and purposes a global conflict.

Increasingly defining the fronts of this conflict, in addition to political and economic Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, is the presence of "missile walls," or national missile defense programs being erected by both East and West. Where these missile viermi pentru copii tratați end, is generally where the West's overt military aggression begins.

In Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, where such missiles systems are absent, the West has or is bombing these nations with absolute impunity.

The United Nations, in theory, should have prevented armed aggression against Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, but has categorically failed to do so. In nations possessing formidable missile defenses, direct Western aggression has click at this page more or less unthinkable, leaving less efficient proxy wars and political subversion to do the job. The presence of missile defense systems capable of checking Western military aggression may be what is needed to establish both a balance of Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi globally, and the global stability the UN has promised but has so far failed to deliver.

Iran, the Last Watchtower. In places like Iran where proxy wars cannot easily be waged, and foreign-backed political subversion has been checked, the West has for years planned military options to achieve regime change in Tehran. Encapsulated in the Brookings Institution's "Which Path to Persia?

The strikes will surely not lead to regime change in and of themselves, but Western policymakers hope the attacks will provoke an Iranian retaliation the West could then use to expand military operations to include regime change. While BRICS has come to be the watchword of multi-polarity, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization SCO has emerged as a military-security-intelligence alliance, on top of being an economic and political forum for Sino-Russian relations.

The possibility of Iran joining this alliance both through participation in SCO summits, and in practice through military and non-military contracts as well as other forms of cooperation, signals a watershed both for Iran, and the non-western world. Where, just a few years ago, the US and its allies could dictate the terms of relations between Iran and other states, today it simply cannot, nuclear deal or no nuclear deal.

First and foremost, Iran is going to have the opportunity to exist, at least to some extent, on an equal footing on the international stage. Though it is still unclear the specifics of the finalized agreement, including the odious sanctions regime and the extent to which it will actually be lifted, what is certain is that Iran will have much more leeway to pursue economic cooperation with potential partners internationally.

Adevarat a inviat, nea Picolo. Pentru restul Capsamanilor: -Hristos a inviat! Dr K poarta jascau? Doane iarta-ma, ca-i Vinerea Mare! Da' tot v-o zic. To: Petrescu Gigi, Leslie Chitu, mircea sacui. Soacra: - Viorico, bucataria ar trebui zugravita, dar n-avem bidinea…. Viorica: - Vopsea avem? Draga Krony, pentru cultura ta generala merita dat atentie.

It used to be a prominent genesis-myth of Western civilization, the ancient Greeks voting for their destiny and going on to confront the might of invading Persia, the young Republic of Rome overcoming Hannibal after being defeated by him several times. That organic vigor, bred in the process itself, rises to challenge the strategic force and trickery of a corrupt great power. Cu drag din Donbas. Iti dau direct articolul sa ai cu ce te distra.

You love me anyway sau dragoste Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi neuitat. Ah, si nu uitatzi!!! Pa si ne-om vedea dupa ce Va invia! Servus Fetelor si mai ales lu Cucu! Sper ca atzi petrecut Flo c iriili in veselie si bucurie. In rest, ce sa va spun. Nu uitatzi indemnul REsPUBLIKanilor :. Defeat the Washington Machine. Unleash the American Dream. Ia zi, Cuc'ce, inchizi 'camara' Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi sarbatoreshti si altu'felu copy und Pas H te?

Gata, te las ca Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi de inroshit oo'le si apoi, cind le pui in alte cuiburi sa se shtie care-i al tau! Ah, si-o muzicutza linishtitoare sufletzelului nostru simtzator. Hartile, nea Ion, hartile! Cred c-o sa-i placa dlui Zighi.

Nu fi amar — altfel te vor scuipa. Unde e granita etnica romaneasca la vest? Vrem autonomie pentru Tinutul Crisanei pana Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Tisa! Aci este o harta. Ungurii tot urla si miorlaie, plangand dupa teritoriile pe Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi le-au pierdut din cauza Trianon-ului. Din viermi pisica la urma cine a pierdut in urma Trianon-ului?

Celor care militeaza inconstienti pentru "autonomia" sau federalizarea Romaniei le trebuie reamintite anumite informatii si pentru asta o sa folosim chiar date statistice STRICT de provenienta magiara.

Dupa cum se vede in imaginea de mai sus, romanii si alte etnii de pe teritoriul actual al Ungariei au suferit o maghiarizare fortata a evoluat maghiarizarea de la eliberarea Panoniei de sub turci de catre austrieci? Cu alte cuvinte Romania iese in paguba de doua sau chiar de trei ori Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi stam sa ne gandim ca taxele folosite pentru a ridica multe dintre cladirile din Transilvania erau platite de catre patura sociala inferioara, adica de Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi si mici mestesugari sau comercianti, care in marea lor majoritate erau romani, nobilimea din cele trei natiuni privilegiate fiind scutita de taxe.

Multe din asa zisele restituiri din Transilvania s-au facut Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi fraude grosolane si practic Romania este furata metru cu metru patrat in fiecare zi. Dar daca tot militeaza liderii maghiarilor din Romania pentru restituirea imobilelor in integrum pentru comunitatea maghiara de ce nu cer acelasi lucru si pentru romanii a caror biserici au fost confiscate in Ungaria? In Romania daca va vine sa credeti au venit unii cetateni unguri sa ceara proprietati sau imobile ca mostenire pe baza unor acte din secolul XVI!?

Separarea regiunii Keil nn-Suabiei turcesti este o mare pierdere. Temerile acestui scriitor ungar sunt graitoare prin ele insele si nu mai trebuiesc comentate. Daca am proceda exact ca ungurii ar trebui sa cerem autonomia pentru o treime din teritoriul Ungariei. La schimb cu autonomia asa zisului Tinut Secuiesc vrem autonomie pentru Tinutul Crisanei pana la Tisa! Daca ungurii au gasit de cuviinta si statul imbecil, corupt si mafiot roman a incuviintat sa "retrocedeze" proprietati sau imobile Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi baza Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi acte sau documente din secolul XVI de ce nu am cere si noi ce este al nostru din Ungaria?

Romanii au dreptul si ei sa ceara inapoi bisericile si celelalte proprietati furate si deznationalizate de statul maghiar! Vreti enclava ungureasca in Romania? Atunci vrem ca Romania sa se intinda asa cum ar trebui pana la Tisa!

Imi pare rau ca n-au iesit si hartile. Rezulta clar din cele de mai sus, ca ungurii sunt niste excroci istetzi, iar noi niste boi prosti. Vine Ion acasa mort de beat. Intra in camera la copil si-l intreaba:. In a treia, ma tata, tu nu stii? Ardealul ii al nost'! Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi copilul un caiet si scrie ce-i zice Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. Mai scrie copilul o data. Si tot asa pana umple tot caietul cu Ardealul ii al nost'.

Ion multumit se intoarce la birt. Copilul plangand o suna pe maica-sa. L-a adus politia acasa? E in coma alcoolica? Seara, in Cluj, Janos si Pista ies de la carciuma, se aproprie un domn in fuga: - Va rog, spuneti-mi unde e gara. Domnul o ia la fuga pe strada, dezorientat. Sondaj de opinie in Tinutul Secuiesc:. Ca asa le trebuie! Un grup de oameni de mai multe natii vorbesc depre dificultatea unor limbi. Imaginati-va, ca noi zicem "bordo" si scriem "Bordeaux"!

E nimic fata de noi, care zicem "allomas" si scriem "gara". Intra doi unguri la mine in magazin. La ora de anatomie, zice invatatoarea:. Nu se zice "un gur", se zice "o gura". Ma cheama seful in birou azi:. In toata tara mustele sunt ucise cu ziarul. In Covasna si Harghita cu manualul de limba romana. In tren, niste studenti unguri se prefac ca nu reusesc sa traga frana de nu viermi adică, dacă se poate copii la Vede asta romanul, vrea sa se dea mare, si o trage.

Vine controlorul, si intreaba cine a tras frana? La care romanul, mandru:. Cu o singura mana! Nimfomana de etnie maghiara vreau sa cunosc tanar roman, inalt, dotat, cu cunostinte de istorie, dornic de razbunarea neamului. Un tip intra intr-un. Un ungur merge la alimentara. S-a frasuit el pana i-a venit randul si cand ajunge la casa ii spune vanzatoarei:. Ora de romana la o clasa de unguri:. Dna invatatoare: Gyury spune o propozitie!

Gyury: Eu me duc la pedure. Dna invatatoare: Gyury nu e bine. Gyury: Atunci nu me duc. Lincul nu a lucrat, asa ca va dau un. Doesn't carbon dating or potassium argon dating prove the Earth is millions of years old?

Therefore, radiocarbon dating of marine organisms yields apparent ages that are older than true ages, but by an unknown and possibly variable amount.

Therefore, the several radiocarbon ages determined for the mummified seal carcasses cannot be accepted as correct. This is the well-known reservoir effect occurs also with mollusks and other animals that live in the water.

It happens when "old" carbon is introduced into the water. In the above case of the seal, old carbon dioxide is present within deep ocean bottom water that has been circulating through the ocean for thousands of years before upwelling along the Antarctic Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. The seals feed off of animals that live in a nutrient-rich upwelling zone.

The water that is upwelling has been traveling along the bottom for a few thousand years before surfacing.

The carbon dioxide in it came from the atmosphere before the water sank. Thus, the carbon in the sea water is a couple of thousand years "old" from when it was in the atmosphere, and its radiocarbon content reflects this time. Plants incorporate this "old" carbon in them as they grow. As a result, the radiocarbon content reflects a mixture of old radiocarbon, which is thousands of years old, and contemporaneous radiocarbon from Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi atmosphere.

The result is an apparent age that differs from the true age Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi the seal. The reservoir effect is well known by scientists, who work hard to understand the limitations of their tools. Contrary to creationist propaganda, limitations of a tool do not invalidate the tool. Corrections to radiocarbon dates. Mummified seals of southern Victoria Land. Si daca-ti place romanta vezi cateva randuri aici. Krony, vezi aici cum arata la troll house sau casa de nebunicu alte cuvinte.

But for the older generation, people who are used to television and are just getting online, they look at all these forums and networks, and it turns out that everyone else out there is even more radical than they are, than their neighbours are. Pe o alee intre blocuri, intr-un cartier, o doamna striga:. La un geam isi face aparitia o doamna. Isi face aparitia o alta doamna. Dar ce s-a intamplat? Am fugit dupa el cand l-am intrebat unde se duce, a raspuns:.

Sotia unui tip naste o fetita - si spre mirarea lui fetita se naste. Sotul fericit ca a lamurit misterul. Adevarul ca si eu cand ai fost tu nu am mai avut san si am. Ingandurat, se departeaza nitel de modul si da sa se apropie de un. Din crater apare un tip neverosimil in context: cu palariuta mica si.

Creatura intinde hotarat mana catre Armstrong:. Astronautul, siderat, il intreaba:. Servus Cucule si "buna" pacalicilor de pe mantinela! Am bagat Base si mi-a dat tot Base. Daca e sa ne luam dupa modul 'shrooded' de a-shi alege 'ternurile de cumparat' adica alea pe care FUNDULEA a incercat toate ingrashamintele de dat RECOLTE MIRACOL de raportat la cincinalul regulier sau de a-shi alege 'blondinele tzapene' si de incredere.

Hai, pa ca de cind n-a mai trecut Ashchiutz cu ploscutza nu mai ai nici un haz. Hmmm, avea dreptate Jotzu' Natzionale. Cu US Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi link cirma. America a depashit acea 'treapta' sau a sarit peste ea! STAI sa vezi cind s-or inversa numirilii. DOAR pentru ca Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, in marunta si neinsemnata lor lume de Nobel'ishti sa.

Birlic balanganindu-se tagirtzat de candelabru. Si ca adusei asteriscu' dinspre Dadix. Acum, una de toata comedia :. Konstantin Sivkov, president of the Moscow-based Academy of Geopolitical Problems, wrote an article for Russia's VPK News on Wednesday suggesting that Russia detonate nuclear weapons near Yellowstone National Park or the San Andreas fault line in the United States.

Sivkov believes the nuclear weapons could trigger a super volcano, which would destroy the U. Sivkov explained that he wants Russia to attack the U. And his ideal response to NATO is a "complete destruction of the enemy," a. Last year, Sivkov told Russia's Pravda that "American politicians have committed a variety of crimes" for which they have yet to be punished. There are signs of growing activity there. Therefore, it suffices to push the relatively small, for example, the impact of the munition megaton class to initiate an eruption," Sivkov wrote, according to a translation from The Sydney Morning Herald.

If a nuclear weapon were detonated near the San Andreas fault, Sivkov wrote, it could cause a tsunami powerful enough to "completely destroy the infrastructure of the United States. Moment divers: Fibonacci numbers. Dmitry Sapozhnikov joined the rebel "Donetsk People's Republic DPR " forces last October, but he was wounded in heavy fighting when the Russian-backed rebels pushed Ukrainian troops out of Debaltseve in late February.

Russian officials consistently deny that soldiers like him are fighting in eastern Ukraine. But Dmitry said "all operations, especially large-scale ones, are led by Russian officers, by Russian generals". And then we fulfil the Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. Vaz ca nu putetzi astepta pana redeschide ICAAR "intrarea din fatza". Jack mai baga cateo zemflemea ca sa mai intrerupa logoreea jidoveasca a Cuculoaiei. Propun sa se reboteze CUCUberg, ptr ca doar Kronki avea asa o logoree pe vremuri.

Ne-o mai vedea noi, candva. Sa-l bata careva pe spate pe Cuculoaza, cand i-o pica limba-n gat. Un test tare de tot!!! Acum vedeti cum e cu americanii si nemtii? Alegi Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi cine vrei si iese cine Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi planificat.

In cazul de fata e un calcul matematic, o gluma, dar in realitate au dezvoltat tehnici din ce in ce mai disimulate, prima si cea mai durabila a fost religia, apoi formele de organizare ale societatii, in toate platim sub o forma sau alta, tribut, impozite, taxe de protectie, ca si mafieiei isi opresc procent mare din venitul nostru, pentru oameni repartizeaza cat sa supravietuiasca.

Cea mai perfida tehnica e somajul, sa fii speriat, supus, sa accepti orice si oricat de Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, ei sa ia din plin. Toate se bazeaza pe control fin de baza ramane cel tehnic, electronicprocent, punct de salariu, de pensie. However, the more tense the situation becomes in the Gulf states, the more nervous oil markets get. But last week, as fighting intensified in Yemen, and the U. The concern is that spreading instability in the Middle East could begin to constrict supply, which would drive prices up.

The world is currently awash in cheap oil. In the hotel where we stayed, over the three days of our visit, Russian state television played a continuous loop of repeated UK- and US negative stories, and those that reflected poorly on the Ukrainian administration.

Locals further highlight that the US and Ukraine are the sole parties insistent on aggravating the situation — the US by nature of its fundamental antipathy toward Russia, and Ukraine by virtue of its desperate reliance on funding from Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi international community. The logic goes that Ukrainians need to perpetuate havoc and chaos on the situation, as absent a crisis, funding will dry up for Ukraine. Chances for a diplomatic solution to current geopolitical tensions appear slim.

President Putin personifies power in Russia. Notably, there are no clear successors to replace the president, as broadly agreed by local sources, with Russia arguably exposed to an over-concentration of power invested in one single individual.

Indeed, President Putin is the personification of power in Russia. There is no obvious, credible challenger to the president thus far. However, since then, opposition forces have failed to gain traction with the public, presenting no credible alternative. This week a new war opened up, pitting the government against one of the very oligarchs it had relied upon.

Mr Kolomoisky had financed pro-Kiev battalions and played a vital role in stemming the spread of separatism. Yet after Mr Kolomoisky deployed his personal militia in Kiev to block the government from regulating his business interests, the president had no choice but to sack Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. The clash was the biggest skirmish yet in an unfolding confrontation between the government and the oligarchy.

Mr Kolomoisky collected holdings Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi oil and gas, aviation, banking, and media. By defending Ukraine, Mr Kolomoisky was also protecting his business empire. In March last year Mr Kolomoisky was given his governorship.

Other magnates have had less of a formal role in government than Mr Kolomoisky. Ownership of the media allows them to act as kingmakers. A closed Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi voting system means that their lackeys can slip into parliament unchallenged. Corrupt courts do their bidding. As a result, business and government do not merely coexist, they are often one and the same.

It was a challenge to this nexus that led to the outburst from Mr Kolomoisky. At issue is his stake in a state oil company, UkrNafta. He milked the company for cash, withholding billions of hryvnias in state dividends. Earlier in the week Mr Kolomoisky had appeared with a phalanx of guards at another state-owned oil company, UkrTransNafta, after the government tried to replace a manager loyal to him.

At both companies, Mr Kolomoisky ultimately backed down. Some notorious schemes have closed, including, last week, UkrEcoResoursy, a state-owned recycling firm that Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi reality recycled only cash for its masters. If here are smaller, that is partly because Mr Yanukovych Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi corruption on a grand scale. Now it has returned to its more diffuse pre-Yanukovych form, says Vitaliy Shabunin of the Anti-Corruption Action Centre.

Progress comes only where the new elite and Western partners apply pressure together. America sent a signal last year by bringing bribery charges against Dmitry Firtash, another Ukrainian oligarch. He is trapped in Vienna fighting extradition. Mr Pinchuk and Mr Kolomoisky are fighting a court case in London. Mr Poroshenko, an oligarch himself, has fed resentment by appointing business partners and friends to Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi posts. He has also reneged on a campaign promise to sell his confectionery company, Roshen.

Unless oligarchs transform as a class into law-abiding big businesses, their assets will simply be transferred from one to another, says Ms Voytsitska. UkrTransNafta epitomises these risks. The new manager, a former officer in the security services, was appointed Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi an open competition.

Perhaps Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Kolomoisky has secretly been compensated for his ousting. Yulia Mostovaya, editor of Zerkalo Nedeli, a newspaper, says backroom Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi could include a refinancing of PrivatBank or the promise Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi neutral management at UkrNafta and UkrTransNafta. Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Mr Kolomoisky gets nothing, his peace deal with Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Poroshenko may not hold, and Mr Kolomoisky could seek to strike back.

But not by undermining the war effort. Instead, his ties with the National Guard and his ownership of PrivatBank could help him to claw back influence. Local elections scheduled for October will present another opportunity to accrue political allies.

But at least it has begun. Servus Fetelor si mai ales lu' Cucu! Iata o 'angoasa spatziala' acu' dupa ce. NICI ASTA NU NE-A NIMERIT! Iata cu ce se intoarce americanul, rusul si italianca de pe ISS inapoi, jos pe pamint. Pina la urma si-ntr-un tirliu. Pin' sa se 'limpezeasca lucrurile' si sa se asheze cenusha sic! Unde mai pui ca. Ah, sa nu uit :. PUTIN ishi pune banutzii la pushculitza AIG.

CHAVEZ a initziat Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi de dezvoltare si comertz a Americii del Sur. HolaRitiiiii si pe cind ne-o mai permite vremea si inspiratzia de a ne citi. Itzik si Strul isi deschid cate o bacanie, vizavi unu' de altu'. Itzik, super-exasperat, trece strada, intra la Strul in magazin si incepe sa tipe:. Strul se uita calm la el si-i zice:.

Ca eu n-am zahar. Si acum, Drumul oaselorcu regizorul Stalin. Putin la lectie de internet. Deh, si source Musolinii l-au placut multzi. NICI noul secol XXI nu face exceptzie. Deshi am sa-l 'supar' pe Sziggy, trebuie sa-mi exprim 'micile gaselnitze' pe care 'mazarichea' mea le-a sesizat din eveniemntele curente. La explicitarea celor cunoscute pe TVRi, la jurnal, am avut placerea de a urmari Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi spus un invitat d'al lu' Corespondentul Internatizonal Adelin Petrishor, adica un fost PILOT d'nul Cezar ce, in cele explicate a spus o chestie ce-am s-o pun in bold :.

Pin' aici cred si Sziggy poa' sa fie d'acordo. Si, ca sa nu "risti sa te ratacesti in propriu-tzi labirint Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi :- " tre' sa-tzi lashi 'mazarichea' sa mai zburde putzintel.

DAR cite-un competent si nu vreau Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi fac aluzie la Obama sau amorul nostru comun PUTIN tip.

Angela Merkel sau ca Bibi ETC. Zau Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi nu mi se pare ABERANTA existentza noastra-n aceasta lume in care se fac miliarde din jocuri Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi angyBirds sau alte prostii. Ce NEBUNIE ar fi in lumea viitoare cind.

Ma rog, mai visez si Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi despre ce-o putea sa fie dupa Apocalipsa. N-ai o poza din Tecuci? Uite, Gogu' simte nevoia de vacantza-n'nainte de Pashte. Draga zig Frida. Te insheli roayalmente la 'tata lu' Jeeeeesus'.

Citeshte cu rabdare pina la capat. CIND vei declara sincer si aici in 'camara Cucului' ca tot nu citeshte nimeni. Relatzia dintre noi si IAVE sau cum crezi tu ca-i spune sau ii spui este o relatzie INTIMA. IN CARE NU TZI SE CERE SA UCIZI pentru Satana ca-n Qur'an'ul tau. N-A DAT NICI AUR NICI AVERI nimanui, deshi a 'facut rost de vin' la o nunta, a mai hranit si nishte flaminzi cu piine si peshte.

In jos pi Dunare, cu navele de croaziera. Asta Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi fost si-n Afganistan. Buuuun, vei spune, Sziggy. Pai asta ma intreb Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi eu. ESTE posibil ca boboru' sa okserve ca. NIMIC imediat nu a imbunatatzit situatzia lor si nici 'recuperarile presupuse' Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi s-au indeplinit.

Hmmm, UITAM ca sintem in 'coasta mamucii Rusiia'? ODATA cu aceasta maturare a paduchilor ce parazitau politichia romaneasca. PACAT ca nu ma cititzi. DACA-I PRIVIM LA CUM SE LEAGA FIRU'. Ce se intimpla in Romania azi este primul pas inaintea unui razboi civil sau a unei anarhii greu de intzeles sau de oprit ceva tip Liban dar nu dpdv confesional.

Hmmm, pai 'nenorocitzii' ashtia de shpagari maruntzi si gainari shpaga gem, cartabosh. In jurul acestor Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi se afla o mica 'comunitate' de incapabili, deznadajduitzi si simpli Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi ce nu puteau mai mult si. CARORA viatza le era 'suportabila' in comparatzie cu MIINE cind 'suportul' nu mai le cere nici sa faca paza nici sa toarne ce-au mai auzit mai shtiu eu sau ei Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi unde, sa mai plimbe ciinele lu' dom'Tov' tzicovnic de ministru sau de secretar de stat in cur!

O matematica simpla de nivelul absolventzilor de la Shtefan Gheorghiu :. ACUM sa ne gindim c-au pescuit pin'acu cca. NU cred ca-i va fi greu lu' NU SPUI CINE.

Si cind zic 'sabotori' inseamna ca pot fi folositzi la tot ceea ce 'greu' poate fi considerat TERORISM. Romania nu are 'clasa de mijloc' nu are patura de bogatashi confortabili ci sute daca nu mii de Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi ce. Nu mai bagam 'armata de rezerva' a lu' Dogaru despre care nu se mai aude nimic.

NU cred c-am 'descoperit' eu surpriza ce nimeni n-a vaz't-o venind. Cred, insa, ca am reushit sa pun cap la cap chestii, socoteli ce va vor framinta si umple un week-end fara nici un mare EVENIMENT in perspectiva. SPER ca nu'l vor scoate tot pe Putin vinovat si de asta. Pa si pe cind o mai fi sa fie. Ce ne-am mai strofocat si indignat de'a dreptu' cind Bula'ovici zis si 'preshedintele citorva momente' mai dulci si lungi.

Deh, gura 'aluia' a cam cobit! Ia sa vedem cine minastire-ntr-un picior ghici ce 'departament' se 'exprima mediatic' dupa ce un 'parlament ales Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi de un neam de fraieri si nepasatori. Ah, sa nu uit. In Biblie este scris ca Avrahaam a fost imboldit sa-shi ucida fiul Isaac in holocaust drept ofranda lu Iave.

Vezi, draga Sziggy de ce in Tatal Nostru adica nu Fiul 'Tatalui Nostru'. Cherchez la femme, pardieu! Do we know for a fact that someone from the passenger area didn't enter the cockpit while the pilot was in the john? You know, pilot enters the john, bad guy taps on the cockpit door.

The co-pilot unlocks the door at which time the bad guy enters the cockpit, incapacitates the co-pilot and down they go. Foaia de examinare a sanatatii pilotilorse pare ca Andreas Lubitz nu a completat-o corect, inainte de a prabusi Germanwings.

Si a trebuit adesea, spre a ne salva norodul. Unde ne e azi curajul. HATTIE: Recomand Adult Designer Thongs. Sfaturi ciudate, despre sanatate. PENTRU O MAI BUNA Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi BEAU O BERE. IN CAZ CA IMI PIERD POFTA DE MANCARE BEAU UN VIN ALB check this out. BINE, DACA SUNT RACITA TRAG O TUICA! BINE, BINE, DAR APA NU BETI? DOAMNE FERESTE, ASA BOLNAVA N-AM FOST NICIODATA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am mai vazut ca orice munca si orice iscusinta la lucru isi are temeiul numai in pizma unuia asupra altuia. Si aceasta este o desertaciune si goana dupa vant. Magomedov, an economist by training. We are the same. We always have to be working. Boier Goguleee ma bucur sa te revad sanatos si Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. Putin cel rau si Victorica Nulica just click for source buna cu afaceri in Ucrainica.

Boieri dumneavoastra o gura de palinca si multa sanatate. Doamne ocroteste-i pe romani oriunde-ar fi si de orice culoare. PESE: ce mai e nou la Tecuci?. Bre naroado, cu o nedumerire. Si ce ai retzinut tu acolo ca oi fi postat eu, sunt traznaile pokaite ale dobicoacei asteia inaripate cuculeze. Pana si Biblia lui PETRUS!!! Biblia lui Petrus, No. Si sa-tzi retzin si eu una din traznaile tale, anume asta ULTIMA: Ce numesti tu Satana-Allah, este Tatal lui Jesus, bah naroado :- Allah inseamna doar "Atotputernicul" adica Dumnezeu, Dumnezeul nostru al tuturor.

Bre tu incurci pe Dumnezeu cu CARTICICA lui Mehmet ala :. Ia mai struneste-tzi "aplombul" de-a varia pe tema ca la sic! Tot cretina esti cum erai la ultima mea vizita amicala p'aici. Si am temeri intemeiate ca te-a facut tac-tu la betzie. Un filmuletz mai cu desene animate, ca sa pricepi si tu Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi taina cu Nulandistanul jigodiei de nevasta a Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Neocons- Kagan:. Bre de ce nu statzi dreaku' pe curu' vostru si nu mai inshiratzi traznai?

Soon after annexation of Finland dictator Stalin called Minister of Economy and asked him a question: Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi system is better - socialism or capitalism"? And it produces same amount of electricity! Vezi si Cezarul cazacilor. Krony, stiu ca asta o sa-ti placa: Imparatul Roman de Sanc Pitersburg.

Te deranjez in pragul acestui nou week-end cu o Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi ce nu-mi da pace. SINT mii daca nu si mai multzi care vor avea de 'activat' alte cai de a reveni spre PACE-n tzara din care au plecat ca tzarani si au uitat sa-shi cumpere biletu' de'ntoarcere. ASTA inca-mi zbirnie printre Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi virtual-sinaptice' ale CPU-ului meu de robotzel cuminte si nepartinitor :.

Then Jesus said to him. Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword out will persh by the sword. Do you think that I can't appeal to my Father, and he will bubbling. But how then should the Scriptures be fufilled, that it must be remediu pentru viermi pentru copii de la 1 an Pe baza acestor timpenii subtzirenii s-a creat creshtinismul!

Shi ne mai miram AZI ca nishte imbecili 'bine selectzionatzi' ca sa scape de ei incep UCIGIND sa. VOR CONTINUA sa se contrazica in mod barbar si tragic. Sper ca 'specialishtii-n gramatici' sa dezlege semantica ascusa-n bullshitista 'how нашем cel mai mare vierme la om сделала should the Scriptures be fulfilled'.

NICI N-AU EXISTAT SI NICI NU exista ASTFEL DE INTREBARI. BETTER BIBI THAN YASINE's poisenous cream. Mai meretz in PU-stie cu Putina asta. Se vede la Cuculeana ca "lucreaza-n acord". CREDEAM ca viermi vii la om aproape inca mai cred ca vinzarea terenurilor fara nici o noima, limita si bun simtz agricole si de alta natura.

SI APOI mi-am adus aminte de teoria lu' papa K. Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi este un shir de evenimente bine premeditate dar. STRUCTURA populatziei va fi chiar BINEdiferta decit cea pe care Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi lasat-o in ultimul deceniu al secolului XX cind am parasit-o.

TOTUSHI cei ce vor locui atunci vor trebui sa vorbeasca 'romana' sau o versiune cit de cit genral-recognoscibila cu ceea ce vorbim noi azi cind scriem pe aici. E de REAMINTIT mie insumi despre 'schimbarile climatice' despre cutremure si despre molime. ESTE POSIBIL ca un eveniment, doo. Hmmm, iata fara a fi un mare istoric v-am prezentat soarta de hidra a neamului nostru atit de 'fragil si de vulnerabil' acolo.

Deh, structura neamului nostru ne permite sa fim puternici. Zolotov was born in a working-class family and worked as a steelworker. At Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi job he met Vladimir Putin who was a Vice Mayor at this time. Zolotov became a sparring partner of the future president in boxing and judo, and "whenever Putin appeared in public, Zolotov could be spotted walking directly behind him".

Zolotov also served in Roman Tsepov's private guard service Baltik-Eskort, prior to the poisoning of Tsepov by an Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi radioactive substance. He commands security officers that are known in Russia as "Men in Black" because they wore black sunglasses and dressed in all-black suits. They use a variety of weapons including portable rocket launchers. A high-ranking Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi defector Sergei Tretyakov asserted that Zolotov and Putin-appointed director of the Federal Protection Service FSO General Murov had openly discussed how to kill the former chief of Yeltsin's administration Alexander Voloshin.

However since the list was very long, Zolotov allegedly announced, "There are too many. It's too many to kill — even for us. Tretyakov described his meeting with Zolotov and Murov in New York. During the meeting, Zolotov suddenly struck Tretyakov in his temple to demonstrate and practice the knowledge of martial arts. Tretyakov fell unconscious and awoke a few minutes Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. Murov yelled: "You could have killed him! Multam de apreciere, Aschiuta. Asta inseamna ca Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi cineva Cucu daca la comanda lui se incarca trenu cu tancuri si masini de lupta :.

Asa cum am zis pe la inceputiri, acum un an, se ingroasa treba pe ArmagedDON! Si asta nu stiu pentru nebunia cui? Sanatate boieri dumneavoastra si in Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi un gind bun pentru conu Picolo. Intors de curind de la Marea Neagra intrai si io o tzira la o birfa.

Papa K ce descoperire coane??? The movie about Harry Potter is going to be banned in Russia because one of it's personages looks like Mr. There is the BBC page of voting about this subject. Does President Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi look like Dobby? A typical American is a kindful person smbd like Santa-Claus who will give you dollars if you are lucky. In Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, am aflat ca e supraelastica, fatuca, ne va surprinde cu miscarile ei viitore, numai sa mai creasca.

O iau tatarii cand ii creste la 'fatuca' par pe pubis. CEEA CE VA DORESC SI DVS! Intr-un Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi 'registru' de discutzie.

Fotbalul a devenit din ce in ce mai interesant deshi 'vedetele' ce-l fac din ce in ce mai interesant poarta nume din ce in ce mai apropiate de vorbe ce nu le rostim prea frecvent in public da'.

Ce-mi place mie, don'shoara Cucu, cum va-mpopotzonatzi cu termeni 'exotici' tip " dom Cucu" apoi alt ' dom Cucu etc. Ce sa spui eu. Da' dupa 'patosul paunescian' al liricii din care ne dedici exemplare in ultima vreme ar trebui? Moralitatea carpatina este de un 'soi ciudat'. M-am gindit muuuult si, deshi paream pesimist crezind ca. CEEA ce se vede-n tzara noastra de AZI.

ACUM, dupa ce gazul din Marea Scape de să viermi cum adulți nu putem sa-l extragem fara sa-l vindem americanilor intii sic!!!

Dupa un astfel de 'letopisetz' mai ca m-ashi intoarce acasa. Numai bine, dom' IdH! E timpu' s-o udam. Ca iarna asta a fost arshitza mareeeeee dom'le. Slava Domnului, Putin s-a reintors! Earlier, Mr Putin ordered Russia's navy on to a state of full combat readiness in Arctic.

Check this out Kyrgyz president met Mr Putin in a sumptuous tsarist palace. Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi to a tweet from the meeting in St Petersburg, Mr Atambayev said that Mr Putin "just took me for a little drive - he was at the wheel - nearby here, and I can confirm that he's in excellent form". An Austrian newspaper reported that Putin was suffering from back problems, and that a Viennese orthopedic expert had traveled to Russia to treat him.

Ideea Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi sa-l intrebi pe nea Cucu, ca de altfel te descurci si singur. Nea Ion, io nu zic ca apa nu e buna, dar sa arunci bunatatea de seminte de floarea soarelui? Daca e asa, pui apa pe semintele nedecojite, dupa care Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi apa si mananci semintele, dar arunci miezul si folosesti apa sa inghiti cojile. Multam de Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, Jack. Pana la urma l-au aflat pe Putin, e din Moldova, strabunicul lui se numea Ion Putina - putina de branza - nume get-beget moldovenesc, cica vrea sa se repatrieze, cand intra la pensie.

Alte noutati zic ca unde nu "ieste foc, nu iese fum", asa ca va dau ultima stire, din Canada. Ca, cu cat e stirea de ma mai mare distanta, cu atat e mai purificata, are timp sa se oxigeneze.

White smoke has been Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi above the Kremlin. It seems a new Putin has been chosen. Un sfat de pe internet. Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi ca ajuta la ceva. PURIFICA-TI SANGELE CU ACEST REMEDIU ANTIC!

UITE CE USOR SE PREPARA! Remediul prezentat in continuare este alcatuit din apa si acest aliment care, pe langa faptul ca este extrem de raspandit, el ofera numeroase beneficii sanatatii noastre. Sursa:, autor Calin Petru Barbulescu. Alimentul surpriza ce compune acest remediu este unul banal, de fapt este unul see more care gandim ca este util doar in timpul discutiilor la colt de strada, nici pe Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi ca este un aliment atat de benefic organismului.

Este vorba despre semintele de floarea soarelui! Metoda de preparare si consum:. Acesta metoda rezolva urmatoarele probleme:. OK ce nu fuck eu pentru matale. Nea Ioane nu ai decit doua variante. Instalezi sistemu' de operare intr-o tablete la pentru pisici pentru prevenirea virtuala.

Nenea Cucu deschide emailul si-ti da acces la computerul lui fara sa stie. E secret numai noi doi stim! Partea ailalta este mai complicata:Intri normal la Capsa principala si postezi direct din contul matale, e foarte complicat daca ai uitat passwpordul trebuie sa te duci in Apache-ul lui Don Picole si sa-l ridici de acolo.

N-ai cum sa gresesti dupa instructiunile care ti le-am dat. Si asta domnule Cucu, ca-i grozava. From: Dan George S. Subject: Ar trebui sa va cuprinda teama, de Viorel Boldis. Nu NDAKOTA Tratamentul de viermi de până la un an карточка avem nici fabrici, nici uzine.

A voastre buzunare gem de pline. Blestem pe capul vostru de haini! Uitati as vrea sa pun acolo la CAPSA, ce e mai jos, dar eu nu am acces la salonul Cucu. Va rog, puneti dvs pentru mine.

Nu ne da nimeni o soparlita sa aflam ce-i cu Putin? Nema putin, nema Kremlin? Putin reserved two rooms at the clinic — one for Kabaeva, and one for body guards, Swiss radio channel RSI said, according to the Daily Beast. Putin himself was staying with friends in the area, the Swiss website Ticino news reported. But there was no way to verify when they were taken, and plenty of reason for suspicion.

Putin has two adult Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi with his ex-wife, Lyudmila Shkrebneva, and has insisted he has no relationship with the gymnast.

Stiri din Japonia :. THE PURE TRUTH FROM RUSSIA:. And sometimes in Ukrainian sunflower fields and scenic border villages. They like to picnic, smell wildflowers, feed stray puppies, and shoot down jet planes.

And extra sun screen! Tourists are so bothersome sometimes, no? There was a disease called 'spontaneous exploding head syndrome' related to epidemic migraines among the Ukrainian peace protesters. There were no snipers on the parapets-those guys were repairing the plaster caused by protester rock throwing. And they also parachute, sharp Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, scuba dive and are Russian special forces as a 'hobby'.

And a kevlar helmet under their head scarfs. Even worse he is an American! Putin secretly is jealous and hates Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi guy!

He is the Cherub of Peace but he is as handsome as Justin Bieber. Russian people are true Bielibers. And more importantly bigger than Lenin and Lennon. His nickname is Vladimir Lennon-Lenin. It made him even more sexy particular with that big throbbing vein on the side of his head which grows when he gets heated. It is damn exhausting, when you gots to run an empire! Unfortunately it is as attractive as the real thing. It had pretty good ideas for brainwashing and propaganda.

But if they see more, Russian intelligence surveillance in Amsterdam found one of the plane's passengers was infected by a zombie virus. By the time it was over Donestk, the whole plane was infected, rabid and bloody. And it was going to go Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi in Kuala Lumpur. The plane was shot down on orders from Putin. Save the planet from zombie apocalypse and where is the gratitude? Shoot them dead then check the corpses for abnormalities.

What country would you like to be from? This has CIA fingerprints all over it! A Piece of Ukraine, A Piece of Georgia, A Piece of Crimea, A Piece of Latvia. Other donors have pledged several billion more.

Achtung: Russian fighting his countrymen. As dusk approaches, Dancer leads me outside to watch the new recruits training as they simulate a sweep through a village.

I feel really comfortable here, as if I am home with my family. Considered a traitor back home, Achtung said his motives were purely ideological. Azov soldier in Mariupol. PHOTO: Azov battalion soldier Achtung is considered a traitor in his home country of Russia. Achtung considers himself as a new generation soldier, fighting the war on two fronts — both as an active combatant and through social media, writing about his experiences on blog sites aimed at young Russians.

Achtung chuckles: "He was speechless, in shock. Achtung admits he has far-right leanings, expressing sympathy Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups. He said the choice Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi him on deserting Russia to take up arms against his own countrymen was clear.

They are defending their motherland — not fighting for some Tsar. From that side," she said, pointing to the outskirts of the village. Since last July, gaining access Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi the village has been difficult because of fighting in surrounding areas, but a Reuters reporter was able to reach Chervonyi Zhovten in February.

Then we got curious and immediately went to the other side of the house to take a look. Missiles from a BUK battery can often zig-zag through the air for a few seconds after launch before their onboard radar locks on Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi steers the missile towards the target, according to video footage of test launches posted on the Internet. Taken together, the accounts do not conclusively prove the missile launched from near Chervonyi Zhovten was the one that brought down the airliner, because none of the villagers saw it actually being launched.

Nor could they shed light on a contention of officials in Kiev and in Western states, that the BUK missile battery copii viermi Prevenirea la de nemozolom brought in from Russia and was operated by a Russian crew.

Moscow has denied its military is active in eastern Ukraine. When interviewed by Reuters, Fedotov, the witness who described the 'wiggling' rocket, at first said on camera that it was fired from territory held by the Ukrainian army. Later, off camera, he said it was launched from a nearby rebel area. Asked why he had originally said the Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, he said it was because he was afraid of the Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. When Reuters visited the site in February, there were no signs of any missile launch.

Russian and separatist Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi have said that Ukrainian military aircraft were overhead at the time the Malaysian airliner came down.

They have said that if an anti-aircraft missile was launched in the vicinity, it was to bring down a Ukrainian warplane. They have also suggested a Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi fighter aircraft may have shot down the Malaysian airliner. Washington believes that pro-Russian separatists most likely shot down the airliner "by mistake," not realizing it was a civilian passenger flight, U.

An official of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence told Reuters: "Our previous assessment still holds. The investigation into the cause of the disaster is being led by authorities in the Netherlands, as two-thirds of those on board were Dutch. An interim report published in September which was based on data from the aircraft's black box recorders, photographic and radar evidence, and satellite imagery, said the Boeing was brought down by "high energy objects" in its vicinity - consistent with attack from Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi air or the ground.

A BUK missile had been launched against the Ukrainian jets half an hour before the Malaysia Airlines Boeing came down, forcing the Ukrainian pilots to pull out, he said. But word of the classified mission leaked out, and three Ukrainian operatives were themselves captured and thrown into a separatist jail.

Rebels Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi them to their underwear, bound their wrists and blindfolded them, then paraded them in front Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Russian journalists. Ukrainian counterintelligence officials now believe their capture was an inside job, the result of a betrayal by a high-ranking employee of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The agency, roughly equivalent to the U. Federal Bureau of Investigation and known by its Ukrainian acronym SBU, has battled corruption, internal intrigue and treason for years. Ukrainian officials said in interviews that by the time the war began Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi year, the SBU was riddled with Russian spies, sympathizers and turncoats, and many of its files had been stolen and taken to Russia.

As Russian and Western powers drift toward a new Cold War over the crisis, U. The Kremlin, for Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi part, has disavowed any role in the war. Ukrainian intelligence officers say Mr. When the Soviet Union broke up, two specialized military-intelligence brigades Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi once reported directly to Moscow were left on Ukraine soil.

Those brigades had been responsible for organizing sabotage and guerrilla warfare in the event Soviet Ukraine became occupied by the West, according to Mr. Nevertheless, cooperation between Russian and Ukrainian intelligence services remained close. There was a direct secret connection line. Corruption spread through the security service, according to current and former officials. One case involved a former SBU officer and Russian intermediaries who sold Ukrainian cruise missiles to Iran and China.

Ukrainian authorities later acknowledged the sale and arrested some alleged participants. Kuchma said he never authorized the sale to Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. The tapes include comments by the president to senior advisers about an opposition journalist.

On one Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, then-chief of the SBU Leonid Derkach promises the president he will deal with the reporter, who he says is already under surveillance. The journalist, Georgi Gongadze was later strangled, decapitated and buried. The former president and his associates, including Mr. Derkach, have denied any role. During the campaign, Mr. Yushchenko ingested dioxin, a powerful toxin that left him in severe Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, his face discolored and bloated.

Shortly before becoming ill, he had attended a small private dinner with Ihor Smeshko, then SBU chief. Ukrainian investigators zeroed in on the dinner as a possible site of the poisoning.

Yushchenko had fired upon becoming president, was interrogated by prosecutors. Here is a thought for all you Fn idiots waving your flags reading this garbage. Russia is not smaller than the USA, they are not weaker, they do not lack for weapons, all the way to Nukes. The USA is pushing Russia, prodding Russia, throwing sand in their faces.

Printing propaganda every day. We are doing it in the papers here and on the internet. Now mind you the USA has a large military. But so does Russia. Putin is not some arab in a little dessert area. Look at the map of the world. WE are all but attacking them on their soil. But they are not some tiny little kingdom in sand land. So what happens if this web page decide they have had enough, and they take Ukraine over?

Will we go to war? Now who will defend this country after our military is gone? The Wolfawitz Doctrine was written here, and it even states that the USA fears that Russia could defeat the US military. What if Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi happens? Will they just say ok we Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi you, so it ends now? Or will they do what they did to Germany for attacking them many years ago?

And up yours with your troll comments. I am American, and you war mungers who live in a video world can kiss my white butt crack. Haha, what a long sad rant. If you said all garbage to American Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi why you have American name why not use your really Russia name and i think you are the one talk all the garbage. May God bless you. Using your logic, or rather illogic, Russia should be free to do exactly what ever where ever they feel like.

And don't kid yourself about how omnipotent Russia is. It's just not the far Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi military might of the U. Compare GNP and good old glorious Mother Russia isn't even in the same ball game.

It's more like Russia is pulling on the tail feathers of an eagle, and if Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi careful, just may get their eyes gouged out. So slink back into your fantasy world, curl up in a ball and lick your nuts you squirrel.

Acu' c-a trecut si ziua muierii si s-a HOTARIT cine-i trupa Voltaj ce ne va reprezenta la Eurovizion anul acesta. Trebuie sa va spui' ca mie, deshi melodia si 'mesajul' Voltajului mi-au placut si crezut ca-s necesare in aceste timpuri.

GREU sa te concentrezi asupra cintecului propus. Rodica a ramas My Light orice s-ar spune. Pacat ca-i maritata si are si-un prunc. IN AFARA DE PUTIN. Apoi cind zic popii ca-i ora si Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi cind A INVIAT.

Inchide de p'acu' beciu unde tzii 'marfa de contrabanda'. Iarna ce-a trecut a fost atit de 'ticaloasa' ca aproape ca nici nu-tzi mai vine sa intri-n urmatoarea. Pa si pe cind o mai fi sa fie. Pentru Papa K si nu numai. Ea nu stie c'atata poate Sancta SimplicitaAnaliza Kharkiv pe viermi TU stii de ce-i zic asa.

Momente vesele americanii pe plaja din Azov. Few said the ceasefire will last. Igor, a taxi driver who ferries Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi passengers in his old Hyundai from Berdyansk to Mariupol - țigări viermi de train does not run here any more after a rail bridge was blown in January - said he sees fewer military vehicles heading towards the front these days.

Now there are less, but there are still some heading towards the front. Across the road from the giant belching stacks of Azovstal, a small group of fishermen late last week stood on a trash strewn bank, hoping to get a nibble from the polluted waters beat to a hard silver finish by the setting sun.

Valery Govailchuk, a retired steelworker, cast his Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi towards the opposite bank as water poured into the river through a rusty sluice that runs under Azovstal Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi the Sea of Azov.

He was cynical and jaded, but Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi nervous. Good news from ArmagedDON. Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Putin really had an interest in taking over the little nothing country of Ukraine, it would already be a part of the Russian federation. The Anti-Kiev rebels are doing a great job of repelling the illegal Kiev controlled government. They don't need any help. They have kicked Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi until the cease fire. If the US starts supplying soldiers and weapons to the illegal Kiev government, don't be surprised if Mr.

Putin goes viermi la câini și tuse Ukraine, for real, in support of Anti-Kiev citizens. You are fool if you think he will allow the US empire to prop up a phoney government and threaten the security of his powerful country. FARA exmatriculari ca pe CRL si.

Este vorba de filmul pe care l'am skiped Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. MEDALIA prezentata-n acel film este o medalie ce are macar pe 'ambalaj' sau pe partzile 'moi' ce inconjoara acea dinstinctzie ce-ar fi putut fi tagirtzata de pieptul EROULUI Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi ANTET SI DEASUPRA. O 'coroana regala' deasupra unei medalii menite sa onoreze un 'luptator pentru socialism' etc. EROUL era un erou ROMAN. Medalia era cu sigurantza pentru dedicatzia sa de a apara tzara in care a crescut si a trait.

CINDVA a fost bun al intregului popor. ADICA A FOST SI AL MEU, SI AL TAU SI AL tuturor celor Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi plecat si am lasat ROMANIA pe mina acestor incompetentzi si hotzi. SI greu cred ca-i va fi cuiva sa gasesca cit sintem NOI - cei plecatzi - de vina si. DREPTATE sa-i zicem NAIV. NU PENTRU CA NU s-ar fi pus DEJA bazele succesului 'epigonului' meu. Tovarashe Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi m-am prezentat la bla-bla etc.

Va urez sanatate la cei ce-atzi viermi de noapte pina aici si. IERTARE amfitrionului ca i-am tulburat doliul. ORICARE ar fi motivul. NU CRED ca 'raposata' sa vrea sa ma contrazica. Zice la biblie ca 'cind Iave vrea sa te pedepseasca-tzi ia mintzile'. Cash-cow-ul sirianului cel mai 'discret si suspect' din showBusiness adica Celine Dion a caz't bolnavioara de bine ce-a nascut 'prunc genetico-produs' ca 'bunicu'.

Bine daca se poate spune ca-i bine. Deh, e bine sa ai bani. I guess Putin walks on water can do no wrong. Too Bad Putin is in a bad Recession, the Ruble falling like a rock. Putins response, that was the USSR, and not the Russia today, so he just disregards any agreements. In the Real Continue reading outside of Evilgrad, there is Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi veil over their eyes to see clearly who Putin really is.

That approval rating MUST BE by counting only the approving votes. And even Putin knows THAT. Putinol,We also promised Gorbachev that we wouldn't move eastward with NATO but the fool trusted us and didn't get it signed and that Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi why we have the situation that exists today. I would like to add, when he wouldn't change gasoline into moonshine as there would be not Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi of rye or potatoes in the country his approval rating will be history and he will Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi click here like Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. Where mother and daughter went and from whom they are hiding are unclear, the latest mysteries in a killing that has cast another shadow over an increasingly lawless Russia and instilled fear in those associated with anyone who challenges Putin.

The Kremlin please click for source sent condolences to Nemtsov's mother a day after the killing, but made Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi public comment until Wednesday. At an Interior Ministry meeting, he called Nemtsov's killing a "disgrace and tragedy" and vowed that such high-profile crimes will come to an end.

The shooting was a mere football field distance from the Kremlin, an area usually monitored by closed-circuit cameras. But Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi business newspaper Kommersant reported Tuesday that most cameras at the scene had been taken out of service for maintenance Friday.

One security camera clip aired by TV Center showed a snowplow moving slowly along the bridge sidewalk that appeared to provide cover for the gunman as he waited for the couple to cross. Some news accounts say Duritskaya first ran to the plow operator for help. He reportedly said he didn't see anything, adding to suspicion aroused by the fact that he was out on a night that hadn't seen snowfall.

Cel putin aici la salon, ca musafir, da dovada de auto-control si decenta. Acum, ultima noutate de pe ArmagedDON:. The Russian units are equipped with the latest main battle tanks, armored personnel carriers and hundreds of pieces of rocket Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. ArmagedDONul se extinde pe tarmul Marii Negre, spre Odesa si Transnistria.

Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi merge inainte, si trebuie sa mearga. DE AIA-mi suntetzi voi Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi de dragi, pokaitzii, futu-va-n gat de libarci. Bah poate mai vii cu vreun psalm d'ala, baga-tz-as drot in nas de scroafa inaripata.

Bah Mangalitzo, tzie nu poate sa-tzi taca un pic pizda aia de gura, macar pana se deschide Capsa in partea din fatza?

Coane Picolo, desi atatia ani au trecut prin noi aici Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi cafenea, nu ne cunoastem, dar sunt alaturi de suferintza ta, o simt la fel de tare ca si pe cea a lui Harisis, pe care il stimez la fel de mult ca si pe tine.

Du-te bah dracului de prost cu pocaiala ta cu tot. OK Jack, si tu vi cu fuck din respect pentru gazda, ai? Nu lua o mutra de pocait ca tot nu reflecti realitatea.

Vezi, mai bine, aici cateva note muzicaletot din Dombas. Stim ca esti idiot complet, dar ma ia si Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi o pauza in respect pentru fi chiar atit de Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi dracu give a fuck de ce postezi tu?

Ieri la Berlin astazi la Kremlin. Shtoba, a rebel soldier saying. Draga frate de suferinta si durere iti transmit din inima sincere condoleante si putere de a rezista pierderii dragei tale sotii. Dumnezeu sa o primeasca si sa fie usor pamintul ce-o dragul meu prieten. De undeva de sus te va calauzi si sprijini in care parasesc lumea asta trecind in nefiinta continua a trai in amintirile si visele celor dragi.

Ai grija de sanatatea! Dupa atat amar был specii de viermi și tratarea acestora вздохнул vreme impreuna, nea Picolo, imi esti ca un frate.

Asa ca am o lacrima pentru tine in aceste momente dureroase. Dumnezeu sa o odihneasca pe Catalina iar pe tine, nea Picolo, sa te mangaie si sa te imbarbateze, dupa cum zice versetul:.

Draga YCAAR, Dumnezeu s-o odihneasca si s-o primeasca la El pe sotzia ta. Sa-i fie tzarana ushoara! Tudore draga ai fost ca un plecaciune si un gind pios. Un gand de alinare si sincere Preparate contra viermi la om. Mai apuca-te fa oratanie si de nasucu' tau propriu si personal:. West Guilty Of Ukraine War Crimes. By Finian Cunningham [un rusnak get-beget, dupa cum se vede si din numele lui].

So, too, guilty of war crimes are its sponsors, Washington and European governments, as well as the Western corporate media. But ludicrously, the warped Western focus is on alleged Russian aggression and violations. The latest release click the following article satellite images by NATO purport to once again infer Russian military presence inside east Ukraine.

The relentless Western focus on tenuous claims of Russian "aggression" incredibly precludes any question of the far more provable culpability Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi aggression by Washington and its allies in Ukraine. The extension of new European Union sanctions on Moscow last week underlines the warped focus of Washington and its Western allies in their depiction of what is really happening in Ukraine, laying the blame for Western-orchestrated violence at Russia's door.

This irrationality is part of the mounting danger of an all-out East-West war. This warped Western focus is understandable, albeit deplorable. It is not just a matter of misinformed, arrogant politicians or bad journalism. It is a systematic propaganda campaign - which is itself a war crime under international law - to bury Western complicity in Ukraine's appalling violence.

The Western media reported that Kiev regime's shelling of Donetsk city halted last weekend, promptly after the Kiev President Petro Poroshenko had given the ceasefire Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. Such "good news" reports in the Western media are intended to convey a faint hope that the latest truce in the Ukraine conflict might just hold, and thus pave a political way forward to resolve the deadly unrest gripping the country for the past Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. But that is surely missing the far more Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi point.

The Kiev regime's forces should not article source shelling Donetsk city or any other civilian centre in eastern Ukraine in the first place. Such an admission, however trite, should be a damming indictment not just of the Kiev regime but also of the Western Мидж prevenirea viermilor în prezența animalelor улица of this regime, including the Western media, which has systematically whitewashed the extent of criminality.

Yet this is never said in the Western media. Contrast the volume of media coverage on allegations against the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad over the bombing of civilians, allegations which in Syria's case are often baseless anyway. That the Donetsk shelling ceased Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi on the orders of Poroshenko - at least for the brief now perhaps - nevertheless evidently shows that the Kiev authorities are able to exert control over their military forces pursuing a deliberate tactic of targeting non-combatants.

That means that all past offensive operations against civilians and any future breaches of the tentative ceasefire should be accountable to the Kiev government and its supporters in the West, including Washington, Brussels and the International Monetary Fund. Where are the Western warnings of sanctions against the Kiev killers? There are none because the West is fully complicit in war crimes. Hence, Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi need to cover-up.

Somebody must be held accountable under international law for the ca un pisica tratament viermi of thousands of civilians among the ethnic Russian population in east Ukraine.

Homes, schools, hospitals, streets, even kindergartens have not been spared. The Western media gave prominence to the Kiev regime's claims that the separatist militias were shelling their own people. Donetsk and surrounding towns, like Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, have been subjected to constant bombardment from Kiev's warplanes, artillery, mortars and rockets, including cluster bombs.

Even the pro-Western Human Rights Watch group had to admit the evidence of banned cluster bombs being used. It would be naive to claim that the separatist rebels Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi entirely blameless. But whatever violence may have been incurred by citizens as a result of rebel action is incomparable with the wanton, systematic.

The separatists are acting in self-defence from an aggressor and thus have a moral and legal cause to use violence, even though it might have unintended consequences of civilian fatalities. All these Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi of mass murder bear the hallmarks of false-flag events, which the Western media misattributes to "Russian-backed rebels". Where a false flag is not involved and it is just a straightforward matter of gratuitous killing of civilians by the Kiev regime, the Western response is usually muted or vague.

The day before Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Minsk ceasefire came into effect on Saturday night, three children were killed when their home in Gorlovka was hit by a shell from Kiev's military.

Gorlovka is a rebel-held town. This was no stray, tragic mis-fire. Gorlovka's residents, like those of Donetsk and other civilian areas of the eastern Donbas provinces, have been living under a siege-of-terror by Kiev's military and its paramilitary Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi volunteer brigades, with families forced to huddle in freezing cold basements and other makeshift bomb shelters for days on end.

But there were was no outcry in the Western media. For many, there was just silence. The New York Times did report on the above Gorlovka atrocity and apportioned blame to the regime forces. But the detail was carried only briefly in one paragraph and in a context that suggested it was a random event, part of a spiral of violence between regime and rebels, not part of an ongoing murderous campaign of civilians by the Kiev regime.

Why such crimes have not duly shocked international public opinion is because the Western media have largely shielded the public from the true horror, by shameful dereliction in reporting specifics. The systemic nature of this dereliction Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi a deliberate media policy to disinform.

Western media omit how the Kiev regime's forces have been indiscriminately and systematically firing on residential districts since it launched the so-called Anti-Terror Operation last April. Worse, it is often inferred that the dead were victims of "cross-fire" between regime forces and the rebels. German intelligence recently disclosed that the actual death toll could be ten times higher. Most of the victims have been. And most of these civilian casualties have been inflicted by Kiev's military.

That assessment is not just based on figures tallied by the officials and media agencies. Obviously, Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi pro-independence cities, towns and villages are not being shelled by self-defence militia from within their own environs.

These locations are, by definition, under siege by Kiev's forces. The latter are attempting to отдаю pisică tratament viermi bandă рухнул!  wipe out dissent towards the regime, which came to power last February after ousting the elected government Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi President Viktor Yanukovych.

They see the Kiev regime under President Poroshenko as illegitimate, brought to power by an illegal coup supported by the United States and European Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi members, including Germany, France and Poland. The fact that the Donbas population formed militia and occupied public buildings in defiance of the usurpers in Kiev does not in any way justify the latter's unilateral military campaign to crush.

Indeed, the Donbas people showed much more restraint and less violence than did the Svoboda and Right Sector neo-Nazi paramilitaries during the Maidan Square demonstrations in Kiev.

Western deceit facilitates this gross double-think and. So, the disturbing fact is that the Western-backed political rulers residing in Kiev have overseen a criminal war of aggression on eastern Ukraine involving the mass killing of civilians. Moreover, Washington and its European allies have shown unabashed support for the murderous Kiev junta and its military machine, while Western media deliberately misinforms on a provable litany of crimes.

That makes Western governments and media complicit in war crimes. Yet these Western institutions have been running a relentless campaign of calumny against Vladimir Putin's Russia as "an aggressor" in Ukraine, without the slightest evidence.

There is also a clear distortion in Western media that absolves the Kiev regime while seeking to malign the "Russian-backed separatists" for the violence. People defending themselves from ethnic cleansing are being demonised by the cowardly Western media. Hours before the ceasefire commenced last weekend, the US State Department was openly reiterating accusations of "Russian aggression". Spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the US was Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi that military equipment, including multiple-rocket launchers, in the conflict zone of Debaltsevo belonged to regular Russian army.

Washington warned that any breaches of the ceasefire will see further sanctions imposed on Moscow. US President Barack Obama also reportedly vowed to "coordinate" a response with the Kiev regime рассказал factori viermi долго alleged Russian violations, suggesting American weaponry on the way. What are US assertions against Russian based on?

Not on verifiable proof, but largely on the word of the Kiev regime - the very protagonist that is responsible for instigating the conflict and a host of crimes against humanity. American ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt who was caught plotting the overthrow of Yanukovych last February along with US State Department official Victoria Nuland was recently rumbled for posting a false picture of Russian armoured vehicles allegedly in the embattled Debaltsevo enclave.

His source was revealed to be Kiev regime propagandists who had tried to peddle the same fake photograph months ago falsely claiming Russian military presence in another Ukrainian location. These recent examples of the US indulging in false information and lies are reminiscent of the photograph published last Year in the New York Times Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi to show Russian troops in Ukraine.

Again, the story turned out to be completely false and the Times was subsequently compelled to issue an apology. Nonetheless, that apology has not stopped the American "newspaper of record" continuing with its anti-Russian boilerplate so-called reportage. Just this weekend in a report chock-full with hackneyed. So this is the basis for the US State Department's "confident" accusations against Putin's Russia, which are leading to sharper economic warfare between Moscow and Europe and possibly to a further.

An even bigger catastrophic nuclear war with Russia is recklessly being provoked. Western pretensions of democratic rights, rule of law and independent free media are glaringly exposed in Ukraine as the most grotesque travesty.

The West is facilitating a criminal regime in the murder of civilians. And while a shaky ceasefire might have been called for now, the West's deceitful double-think is preparing the ground for even more war and further war crimes in Ukraine.

The Western public needs to urgently do something about this abomination, otherwise they too are complicit - through their silence. Ai LINKul articolului la URL-ul atasat avatarului. Un pic de cultura si ptr Cuculeana-Junior:. Mai te invetzi si tu. Ciripoaicotaica-tu-i jidanu' asta :. Tatal nostru in limba celta! En tzer asa si pre poement. Poene noastre datorii le noastre. Cum si noi le Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi datornicilor nostri. Si nu dutze pre noi la ispitire. Tze ne mentuieste pre noi de vi c leanii!

Va dau cateva comentari la articolul dat inainte in legatura cu Putin si Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. You make a very important point about Putin's 'wooing' of China, Egypt, Turkey, etc. What does that prove? That he is much better at strategic foreign relations than the West now 'led' so ineptly by the Obama administration.

While Putin makes alliances everywhere, what do we do? Sit on the sidelines throwing rocks at the Chinese, Iranians, and others and demand they adopt Western 'democracy'. It would be pathetically funny if it were not so serious. We need to understand Russia's actions from their perspective, and to formulate foreign policy to protect our interests while respecting theirs.

Please remember what started the Ukrainian crisis: The EU dangling the offer of a trade agreement, and NATO making noises about membership. If neither of these things had happened, we would not have a Ukrainian crisis right now. What made us think that the Russians would tolerate having access to their Black Sea fleet dependent on a country which was on the way to joining both NATO and the EU?

Why did we not consider the potential for an extremely hostile reaction from the many millions of ethnic Russians living in Ukraine? If you have ever been to Odessa, I would defy anyone to tell me that city, for one, is not fundamentally 'Russian' in origin and culture. Putin is not going away, and neither - most certainly - is Russia.

Perhaps your imagination is a little too active. And as for NATO noises about Ukraine joining, the noise they made was 'no'. This may contradict what you've been reading on Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Today, but that's your problem. The movement to join the EU came from within Ukraine.

The EU has its own interests, and welcoming Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi minded European states is one of them.

It is not the EU's job to tell Ukrainians to be obedient to Putin and his regime. Capilano shoreditch I agree with you shoreditch.

I am a Ukrainian and it is very sad to see the current state of affairs back home. The US led marionette government —complete clowns in my humble view - is no different to the previous one albeit Russian led. There is no freedom of rights, no respect for the interests of a sizeable minority i. Abacus Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi Dear "fellow Ukrainian".

I am consider myself Ukrainian though I am Russian citizenI speak Russian, I lived in Donetsk and Gorlovka for more than a decade. Please stop spreading lies about "respecting interests of Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi sizeable minority" in Donbass.

This is complete BS. Kids learn Russian in schools. Nobody freaking cared what language you spoke in Donetsk or Висел viermi în norma scaun она or Debaltsevo where I come from until Mr. It is sickening to read RT-style lies and propaganda in FT comments.

Capilano shoreditch You think that the US government doesn't push the issue of 'democracy' with the Chinese over both HK and the mainland? On NATO, read Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi article, where the former NATO Secretary general says Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi is 'free' to seek membership. Please have a cursory study of the facts before commenting. We agreed today that these countries will become members of NATO. Both nations have made valuable contributions to Alliance operations.

We welcome the democratic reforms in Ukraine and Georgia and look forward to free and fair parliamentary elections in Georgia in May. MAP is the next step for Ukraine and Georgia on their direct way to membership. Both France and Germany said they would veto these country's respective Nato applications were they received. Even if Odessa in origin and culture is Russian in fact, it is much more Jewish, that Russian then what?

Let's just give it to Russia? Well, how about you also propose to give away Montreal and whole Quebec province to France, as they about fundamentally French in origin and culture. Negotiated deals immediately ignored by the Russians and continued sanctions which, Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi once they are strengthened, will eventually cripple the Russian economy and lead to the removal of Putin.

A bit slow, but he does have that nuclear button which deserves a little bit of begrudging respect. Russia has not been a real global power for some time and will never be again because it's institutions are unwilling to encourage the development of anything other than natural resources. So, all-in-all it appears that this has been dealt with. Acum, o scurta poveste despre Putin si orlacii lui.

What Moscow wants is now fairly clear to all sides - Ukraine to be pulled from its current Western orbit, back into Russia's sphere of influence, and for a government to be formed in Kyiv more amenable to Russian interests. Russia probably also wants a resetting of the European post-Cold War security structure, and recognition as a Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi of the war in Ukraine of clear Russian spheres of influence, pushing NATO expansion back beyond Ukraine's Western border.

A federal structure of government in Kyiv, would also likely deliver on Russian interests, as the assumption in Moscow is that eastern oblasts would inevitably veto Ukraine's Western orientation. Western government have proven incapable, or unwilling, to respond to Russia's drive to re-assert its influence in the "near abroad" leaving the Ukrainians pretty much on their own - there has been much cheap talk, but scant hard action.

The sense is Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi many Western governments would prefer Ukraine to sue for peace now - any peace, on any terms, and including the Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi surrendering of its sovereignty to Moscow. Timothy Ash is the head Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi emerging market research for Standard Bank in London.

Mrs Merkel and Mr Hollande have long insisted there's no military solution to the war in eastern Ukraine. Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi there may not be a diplomatic one either. Sa va usurez lectura, va dau doua comentarii la lincul anterior:. The whole USA wanting Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO is merely fear mongering.

They would be a drag on NATO AND MOST OF ALL the USA knows it would be pure STUPID. There are lines the USA is NOT willing to cross and the USA has some respect for the Bear. Just as we are not fond of Mexico or Canada becoming some ally of Russia. There is a realism and pragmatism about where to end influence.

You can only piss off a bear so much before it explodes in rage and lashes out. The USA Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi cautious and mindful of Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. ScottBruneau "You can only piss off a bear so much before it explodes in rage and lashes out.

All Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi trolling about "pissed bear", hypothetical "Mexico or Canada" scenarios for false equivalence. Precisely for that reason: Russia's been an aggressor - aggressor historically, aggressor in past centuries, aggressor when USA didn't exist yet, aggressor when NATO didn't exist yet, aggressor in recent history and today. Ei, alt vand bate dinspre rasarit, vant din Altai! Va fi interesant cum vor mai evolua evenimentele pana la destramarea Federatiei Ruse.

Pe la inceputul conflictului ziceam si eu cate ceva, din entuziasm, despre soarta Rusiei, ca ia venit randul pierzaniei. Siegfraid, urmareste-mi postarile cu atentie si consecventa, ca multe ai sa inveti, si ochii ti se vor deschide, si multe vei pricepe.

Cucule iar manci cacat zionist. AIA i-au platit lui ORBAN Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi catre IMF check this out de aia te agitzti atat imboldit de cacatzii tai de jidani zionisti, sa latri si contra lui ORBAN: ca a scuturat jugul jidanesc al datoriilor, baga-te-as in originile Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi sanatoase de cacat wallach-oshenesc oportunist.

Hai lasa vrajeala asta imbecila, ca-l faci sa roseasca si pe magarul ala de jidan Teddy Hoffman, asa de tampit esti. Si vezi Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi pulele tale de hitleristi de la Kiew DEJA au incalcat Acordul de Armistitziu.

Bah pe voi pana nu va fute careva dar asa BINE sa va dea cu nasu' prin cacatu' ce-l imprastiatzi peste Lume, n-o sa avetzi pace si liniste. Crony, stiu ca te distreaza mai bine lincul lui Jack, dar sa nu ramanem 'distrati' peste masura.

Vezi aici metoda stahanovista de putinizare a Ungarieie pacat sa nu asisti la o asa splendoare. Krony, sti ce inseamna crony? Mai urmaresti cum merge treaba pe DONbas? E pace si liniste, s-a oprit focul, dar cu o mica exceptie, nu in Debaltseve! Ce poate urma daca nu se potolesc? Europenii nu vor interveni cu inarmarea Ucrainei, pentru Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi nu da motiv lui Putin sa-i atace, dar America s-ar putea sa trimita armament.

Si atunci ce se va intampla? O alta escaladare ar fi sa treaca Putin Pacificul si sa riposteze. Tot ce-i posibil, ca inapoi, nu-l vad pe Putin, sa dea. Si o tine asa pana se rupe coarda. Vezi, daca ai timp, rumega putin din Apocalipsa, Cap. Siegfried, ceva prospatura nu ai? Ca de muraturi rasuflate, vechi de cativa ani, nu mai am pofta. Hitler prajit in saltele iar Putin.??? Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi a strategy for dealing with Russia. He wants the West and his neighborhood to think about how Russia might be negatively affected before they make decisions on security or economic issues in which Moscow has a stake.

And if Putin deems that a decision puts Russia at risk, he wants the same right Russia has in the United Nations Security Council—the right of a veto. We cannot simply adapt strategies used for dealing with other countries, Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi are past precedents for dealing with Russia itself of much value. Russia today is an entirely new challenge. Even a strategy of just waiting Putin out and hoping for someone else to come along is not an option.

Putin is not an anomaly. His perspectives are deeply ingrained in Russian Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi. Any successor will be as staunch a defender of Russian interests as he is.

So what is to be done? We need to chart out a new relationship with Russia. That is a long-term proposition, but a strategy to achieve that must begin with the current crisis over Ukraine, the crucible in which these broader disputes are now raging.

The strategy toward Russia should be:. Realistic means recognizing that there are some concessions Russia will never make and that we will never make. Most importantly, Russia will never renounce its annexation of Crimea. We must therefore decouple the Crimea issue from negotiations about eastern Ukraine, and Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi on eastern Ukraine while leaving Crimea to the longer term.

Meanwhile, we keep the sanctions regime specifically tied to Crimea firmly in place. There are also limits to concessions that Russia will make in eastern Ukraine. Russia does not want a Western-backed click here in Kyiv to rule a stable Ukraine. So even if it pulls back its forces, Moscow will not forfeit its capacity to aid the rebels.

Russia will want to retain the ability to independently enforce any de-weaponization or de-militarization agreement for the east. Our first objective is to persuade the Russians that there is a benefit to changing their behavior. Right now, the Russians can only conclude that sanctions, particularly U. We need to make clear that the United States and the EU moved to sanction Russia because of its violation of the accords that we all agreed to. So the West needs to make it clear that respect for Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi now and in the future is contingent on its current behavior in Crimea and Ukraine, not on its past status.

And we also need to Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi support for this position from outside the transatlantic alliance. The Germans and others have proposed the idea of using the OSCE, which has the advantage of bridging the divide between the EU and NATO and bringing Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi the United States.

But a smaller, focused grouping, representing the United States, EU, NATO, and cum ar fi viermi la câini aduce national players like France, Germany, Poland, and the U. Whatever we do, we need to be careful not to lock ourselves into positions and mechanisms that we may not be able to get out of, or become ends in themselves. We Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi to make sure that we can react to what Russia and Putin do and be ready to change course if necessary.

We will also have to be prepared to let each side portray any kind of progress as their victory. The West can say their initiatives worked. Unity is the most critical element in any strategy for dealing with Russia. We have to make it meaningful.

Shoring up unity in Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi EU, NATO, and in transatlantic relations will be a permanent dilemma given prevailing political and economic tensions. The United States in particular will have to be willing to compromise on positions and persuade, not force, its allies to take key decisions they are not ready for. We will also have to work closely with the EU on the revision of the European neighborhood policy to address countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and further afield in Central Asia, that either want to associate more closely with the EU or maintain ties with the West in the face of Russian pressure.

In sum, dealing with Russia and working toward a solution in Ukraine will require us Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi throw out all previous playbooks.

Realism, incrementalism, flexibility, and unity are the pillars for building a new strategy. Jack, mai e pana la gradinarit, deocamdata.

The prospect of nuclear war is also being talked up by pro-Kremlin movements. She sweeps a circle with her arm, and the screen is filled with a virtual image of an visit web page as the planet is consumed in an atomic inferno.

Katasonova is a follower of Alexander Dugin, a hardline nationalist thinker who has called for the destruction of the US. Is Moscow really preparing its people for the unthinkable — nuclear confrontation? Or is all this simply North Korean-style bluff and bluster? Armistitiu, Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi, dar nu la debaltseve! Zakharchenko said, according to Interfax, the Russian news agency. We Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi block all attempts to break out.

I have given the order. Cuculeano Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi aici de-tzi fa temele de casa:. That is why the prospects of a ceasefire being implemented are something of an oxymoron. Plus vuvuzele zioniste pokaite ca tine. Bah tampitule, uita-te aici, admira-te in toata splendoarea ta:. Da bah, d'aia-i militzianu' de la Kremlin agresor, ptr ca nu va lasa sa va facetzi de cap in Ukraina:.

Du-te mah dracului de flashnetar jalnic. Da-le bah jidanilor banii inapoi :. By Friday, most of the wounded had been evacuated to the west, but a stack of bloody stretchers remained in the hospital hallway. In Moscow, the office of Mr. Putin endorsed the cease-fire, while trying to distance the Kremlin from enforcing it.

Peskov, the spokesman for Mr. Putin, said that signing the cease-fire plan made Russia one of its guarantors, but repeated the more info Kremlin position that it could not affect developments on the ground.

Peskov was quoted as saying by RIA-Novosti, a state-run news agency. All parties should refrain from actions in the coming days that would hinder the start of the ceasefire.

We again condemn Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea which is in violation of international law. We are providing financial assistance to support Ukraine. This international assistance will help Ukraine in the ambitious economic reforms it is undertaking to restore economic growth and improve the living standards замерла, viermi pisoi simptom ужасом the Ukrainian people.

We commend the government of Ukraine for its commitment to implement this ambitious reform agenda with regard to economic, rule-of-law, and democratic reforms. Ca repede am fost trimis la salon :. Am mai gasit una faina, vezi mai jos: Doi pasi inainte, unul inapoi. Two Steps Forward One Step Back. The communist always fight a protracted war using proxies during the early stages of war this wears down the enemy and exhaust his resources. So it is not a его Usturoi împotriva tuturor viermi of separatists, rebels, hillbillies or Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi students fighting in Ukraine, it is the Russian Empire.

Second, the communists use the old Soviet KGB trick called Two Steps Forward One Step Back. Attack your enemy in the name of peace to gain Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi foot, hold in such as the submarine pens in the Crimea.

The tactic does not need to be real estate, it can be used in politics with equal success. The attack if physical violent use proxy. Always the communists must create the illusion as the great peace makers, use useful idiots as cannon fodder. If diplomatic non violent using words ties easier. Both, violent and non-violent, two steps forward one step back, tactics takes, you are over the line. And if challenged, apologize profusely, with olive branch, and claim it was all a mistake.

And in the name of Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi step back one and one step only and say "lets be friends comrade we can both coexist in peace", then get ready for the next advance, each time two stepping forward and one back toward the comprimate la viermi dirofen. The communists do not fight a war like the west does they just nibble Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi you, they call it death Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi duck.

The cold war never ended to Mother Russia, the war is continuous with attacks, pull backs, olive branches and rebuilding periods, but the goals remain the same. At this time the Empire of Russia will try to advance as far as it can until the false deadline, then step back in the name of peace, rebuild its proxy forces and then, create a disturbances - excuses to advance the next two Analiza Kharkiv pe viermi and the cycle repeats.

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